Are Bulldogs Needy? 9 Signs and Solutions

English Bulldogs are notorious for always pursuing everyone’s attention. Because of this tendency, others may think they’re a touch needy. If you want to spoil your Bully, remember that all it takes is a little more attention to make them feel like the luckiest dog on the planet.

So are Bulldogs needy? Bulldogs are needy; They have a reputation for striving for their owners’ attention. They are continuously showing needy behaviors as a result of this inclination. If you’re thinking about getting a bulldog, keep in mind that they need your attention first and foremost to feel appreciated.

In this article, You’ll know the answer to whether bulldogs are needy or not and get to spot all the signs that display neediness, so continue reading.

Are Bulldogs Needy? 

Bulldog resting to answer are bulldogs needy

Bulldogs are people pleasers when it comes to individuals they know and strangers they encounter and get along with.

Bulldogs have a calm and stable demeanor and are kind and protective towards youngsters. They like cuddling with their owners. They are devoted pets who tend to have favorites among their family members.

English Bulldogs, as many owners can attest, are huge softies who have their own distinct methods of expressing their devotion for their favorite person – and they also have their own unique ways of expressing their happiness.

Bulldogs are excellent cuddlers that are kind, loving, and like being pampered by their owners. Bulldogs evolve into calm, easygoing companion dogs as they get older. Their attachment is frequently expressed via physical touching, such as snuggling. They will depend on you for support and will want to join in family activities.

Do English Bulldogs need a lot of attention? 

English Bulldogs love affection, and in a child-like manner, they tend to look for attention from their loved ones constantly.

The English bulldogs are a people-oriented breed that proactively seeks human attention. English bulldogs can be hostile to unknown canines who might steal away their owners’ attention, yet, they can get along perfectly fine with pets and people they are familiar with or gradually introduced to.

Petting, hugging, cuddling, and playing with them are all necessary. They require your attention. They may require more or less, depending on their personality, but they still require it.

Bulldogs are always children; they never mature. A Bulldog thrives in a caring home that is free of fear and neglect. They are happiest when they are surrounded by people and demand a lot of care. It is not only harmful to your Bulldog’s health, but it is also common for Bulldogs to be stolen.

English Bulldogs often use their puppy face – they lift their brows to make their eyes appear larger – in order to evoke affection from their loved ones and urge them to display love;  This is due to evolutionary caring reactions in dogs, which are triggered by stimuli that resemble baby infants.

9 Signs of a Needy Bulldogs  

Behaviour of Velcro dogs

“Velcro dogs” are canines who like to follow their owners around wherever they go. The term Velcro dogs refers to an English bulldog’s propensity to remain connected to your side.

You can learn what to do with a Velcro bulldog here.


Not only will you notice them continuously trying to gain your attention, but if you appear to be preoccupied, a bulldog will physically try to attract your attention by preventing you from stroking another pet or playing with a youngster.

When you don’t pay attention to them, they will bark excessively.

Bulldogs, like an only child who doesn’t want to share his parents’ affection with anybody else, may bark excessively when you first meet them. Anyone else can be close to them or show affection for them.

A pushy attitude

Pushy behavior is one of the signs to look for when determining whether or not your dog is jealous. Your bulldog will be clingy and pushy to get your attention

Difficulty settling down 

On occasion, it’s not uncommon to see a dog following his owner throughout the house. At such a moment, your bulldog is most likely looking for some attention or a reward.

Anxious pacing around the owner

If they see you become affectionate with another dog or even a child, bulldogs will display their displease and jealousy.


Interruptive conduct is another sign that your bulldog is envious; you could find your pup entering your space when you’re doing something so you can focus on them instead.

When they don’t receive attention, they complain.

Although they are typically placid, bulldogs will become irritable if you do not hug and adore them; you will find that they object if you do not offer them attention.


When you pay attention to something or grasp a certain object, your bulldog may display aggression or barking Violent behavior

With bulldogs, neediness and possessiveness can turn violent, and you’ll notice them barking excessively to remind you to get your hands off anything else but them. 

How to make your bulldog less needy 

Training on a regular basis

You may help your pet by encouraging behaviors like “enough” and “leave it,” despite the fact that it may appear to be a challenging chore. You may build roles and improve your leadership talents by practicing these guidelines.

Don’t give them treats

Dogs may perceive receiving treats as an encouragement to keep displaying neediness which will make matters worse; so don’t reward them while they are being clingy

Socialize your bulldog

Bulldogs are a sociable breed, yet you need to constantly socialize them to decrease aggression resulting from neediness or jealousy over their owner. they need to meet new canines since they are young. If you’ve just gotten a new dog, don’t expect your first pet to fall in love with him right away. Instead, gradually introduce them while taking care not to damage your senior dog’s toys, bed, or cage.

If your bulldog is being too needy, discourage the behavior

Every dog should be able to understand why you are having a negative reaction towards what they are doing;  positive reinforcement should be utilized instead.

Because dogs are clever and social creatures, ignoring them or ordering them to go to bed will teach them that excessive neediness is a negative behavior that elicits a negative response from you.

Teach your dog to play in his crate by himself.

If you used to spend hours playing with your dog, you’ll need to gradually train your Frenchie bulldog to spend time alone. One of the most prevalent inadvertent lessons that an owner may teach their dog is overdependence. As a result, it’s time to educate your dog to play with toys in his kennel and so “ignore” him. A crate may also be used to represent your bulldog’s bed, where he spends his days relaxing.

Related Questions 

What do Bulldogs love the most? 

Bulldogs love attention the most; They are notorious for pursuing everyone’s attention. Because of this tendency, they’re constantly displaying needy actions. If you are looking to get a bulldog, remember that attention comes first to make them feel loved.

Do Bulldogs like attention? 

Bulldogs love attention; Some breeds can survive with little or no human interaction, but Bulldogs can’t take being ignored. They desire attention and will go to great lengths to obtain it. Many Bulldogs, much to their owners’ chagrin, love to play the role of a lapdog.

Are Bulldogs high maintenance? 

Bulldogs are high maintenance; as they aren’t known for their health. Health concerns that afflict them lead to high levels of maintenance in terms of veterinarian care and associated costs. Allergies, skin disorders, bladder stones, eye difficulties, and respiratory problems are common in them.

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