Are English Bulldogs Better in Pairs? Guide with Pros & Cons

English Bulldogs can get too attached to their owners, and they often require constant attention and stimulation. 

 If you have an English Bulldog and don’t have enough time to give it the attention it needs, it might be a good idea to get a second dog to keep it company.

So, English Bulldogs better in pairs? English bulldogs are better in pairs because the two dogs will keep each other company when their owners are too busy. Having a pair of English Bulldogs will also make training them easier and reduce the chances of one of them developing separation anxiety.

Keep reading to learn more about whether English Bulldogs get along and the pros and cons of having a pair of English Bulldogs.

Are English Bulldogs Better in Pairs?

English bulldogs are one the best companion breeds as they’re super friendly, affectionate, and loyal. Therefore, Bulldogs need a companion in general and do not do well when they are left alone.

However, they tend to get extremely attached to their owners. They won’t tolerate being separated from them for too long, and if they don’t get enough attention, they will develop separation anxiety and start displaying aggressive behaviors.

This can be extremely inconvenient for working owners with busy schedules as they won’t always have enough time to give their dogs the attention they need. Getting a second dog may just be the solution you need as the dogs can then keep each other’s company even when you are not around.

English Bulldogs are good in pairs. They will have fun together and spend most of their time side by side, which will improve their mental state and reduce the chances of having one of the dogs develop separation anxiety.

Does your English Bulldog Need a Companion?

If you are spending a lot of time away from your English bulldog, then he definitely needs a companion. English bulldogs are companion dogs by nature and can’t stand being alone. So, having a companion will fill the space and boredom he got from being alone.

You learn why bulldogs should not be left alone for long here, where I also discuss how to train them to better adapt to being alone.

Do English Bulldogs Get Along with Each Other? 

a photo of two English Bulldogs playing to show are English Bulldogs better in pairs

English Bulldogs will get along with each other perfectly as long as they’re properly socialized and trained. Since they’re the same breed, they will have a better understanding as they have the same characteristics.

However, before you get a second dog as a companion for your English Bulldog, you must take into consideration the gender of the dogs and whether having two dogs of the same gender could possibly cause any behavioral problems. Let me explain;

Can You Have Two Male Bulldogs?

Two male bulldogs can get along if they are introduced to each other while the second dog is still a puppy. Meanwhile, two adult bulldogs won’t get along as easily as they will always be fighting and trying to assert their dominance over each other.

Can You Have Two Female Bulldogs?

Having two female Bulldogs is also not the best option as they can get very territorial and competitive with each other, which will cause them to fight over a lot of things.

However, it’s usually easier to train two dogs of the same gender to get along if they were introduced to each other at a young age. If you already have an adult female bulldog, the second one should be a puppy.

By the way, some people, I don’t know, believe that female bulldogs are more territorial and generally more aggressive than their male counterparts. I discuss the truth about this claim in this article about female bulldogs’ aggression here, make sure to check it out.

Can You Have One Male and One Female Bulldog? 

Having one male and one female Bulldog is the perfect fit. It’s always recommended to have two dogs of the opposite gender as they will get along perfectly without fighting.

Both of them will have control in their own way without one of them trying to assert its dominance over the other.

However, having two dogs of the opposite gender might cause some problems when the female dog goes into heat as she might become pregnant.

If you don’t want to breed your dogs, it’s not recommended to have two dogs of the same gender living with each other in the same house, especially during the heat period.

How to Introduce Your English Bulldogs to Each Other? A Step-by-Step Guide 

Many bulldog owners don’t know how to introduce their dog to a new companion as they don’t know how their dog might react. 

The first introduction between the two dogs is very important as it will impact how well they will get along with each other in the future.

So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to introduce your Bulldogs to each other so that they will get along smoothly:

Find a neutral spot for the meeting.

The first meeting for the two English bulldogs shouldn’t be at home as it can cause your old dog to have a negative reaction since you will be bringing a new dog into its territory.

The two dogs might fight or bark loudly, and you will not be able to control the situation.

Instead, it should be outdoor in a neutral, quiet spot where both dogs can communicate without being distracted.

The spot preferably should not have people around or anything that might grab the attention of the dogs, such as food.

Walk the dogs together on-leash

You can’t leave the two dogs unattended during their first meeting, especially if you don’t know how they will react to each other and how things are going to be.

You must control their first meeting by keeping them on the leash and walking close to each other Make sure that the distance between them is appropriate so they wouldn’t be too close or too far.

If one dog tries to fight or attack the other, just control the situation by pulling on the leash to control the situation and make them focus again on just walking.

Let them spend time together on-leash 

After spending enough time walking the dogs, it’s time for you to take the next step, which is letting them spend time together in closer proximity.

First, make sure both dogs are on a leash, even if they’re both calm. You need to be prepared to control the dogs in case anything happens that causes them to lash out or fight.

Next, let the dogs sniff each other so they can get used to each other’s scent. You can do that by holding one of the dogs for the other to sniff. 

Choose one dog to stand, and the other is laid around the back, then let the dog behind sniff the one in front.

Finally, just let them hang out or play with each other while monitoring their behavior. If they do not cause any trouble and get along well, make sure to give them both treats to help them create positive associations and encourage them to display the same behavior in the future.

If they do cause any trouble or try to fight each other, just pull firmly on the leash to control the situation. If they do not respond to leash pulling, then it’s best to separate the dogs for the time being and try again later.

Let them spend time together off-leash

You can’t make the two English bulldogs interact while on a leash all the time. If you notice that two dogs are getting along after walking together and spending time on a leash, then it might be time to take off the leash and just let them interact freely. 

However, keep in mind that there’s always a chance of one of the dogs starting a fight. So, make sure not to leave them alone and to watch their body language for any sign of aggression.

The dogs are likely to run around and play with each other when they’re off-leash, but if you find them fighting, then you need to put them on a leash again until they behave and get along better.

Introduce the new dog to your home

Now that the dogs are properly introduced and can get along well with each other, it’s time to bring the new dog home without worrying about the other dog getting territorial.

When you bring the new dog home, take it on a tour of all the rooms and let it sniff around so it can familiarize itself with the place it will live in from now on.

You can also introduce the dog to its own space where you will be placing its bed and toys. If possible, it’s best to separate the sleeping spaces of the dogs at the beginning to avoid any problems. It’s also best that each dog has its own toys that are also placed separately.

The Pros and Cons of Having Two Bulldogs

Even though English Bulldogs bring their owners a lot of joy, raising two dogs can be very challenging, especially for first-time owners.

Before making such a big decision, it’s important to take into consideration the pros and cons of having two bulldogs. This way, you can be sure that you will be able to handle this responsibility.

So, let’s break down the pros and cons of having two bulldogs so you can make an informed decision.

Pros of having two Bulldogs

  • Your dog will have a companion friend who will spend time with them to improve their mental health.
  • You can spend time away at work or doing whatever responsibilities you have away from your Bulldog freely without being worried about separation anxiety.
  • The training process will be easier as the second dog will learn from the first dog and follow its behavior.
  • Having two bulldogs will help improve their socialization skills.
  • You will get a double of love, care, kindness, and loyalty.

Cons of having two Bulldogs

  • You have to train both bulldogs. Especially the second dog, as it will need to know the rules of your home.
  • It will take more time and effort to maintain the well-being of both dogs. This includes keeping up with their grooming, training, and exercising.
  • There is a risk of aggression between the two bulldogs, as one dog may try to assert its dominance over the other. They might also become territorial and fight each other over toys or food.
  • The mess will be doubled in the home until you fully train them.
  •  Having a second dog will increase the expenses for food, treats, medical bills, etc. They will also need more space to move freely so they won’t feel confined.

Conclusion: Should You Get a Companion Dog for Your English Bulldog?

If you spend a lot of time away from your Bulldog, getting a companion will be the best thing ever for it. 

Instead of spending time alone, your dog will have a friend to keep it company and prevent it from developing separation anxiety or becoming destructive.

However, before you get a companion for your Bulldog, you need to make sure that you can handle taking care of two dogs, as it’s a big responsibility that requires time, effort, and money.

Related Questions 

Do Bulldogs Get Along with other dogs? 

Bulldogs do get along with other dogs. They are lovable and enjoy the company no matter what. But, some bulldogs might act aggressively with other dogs of the same gender. So, make sure you introduce them appropriately and test if they will get along. 

Can You Add a Third Bulldog to Your Family? 

You can add a third Bulldog to your family if the two bulldogs that you already have are well trained and socialized. If the two Bulldogs get along well with each other, the third Bulldog will have no problem blending into the family after a proper introduction.

Are Male Bulldogs Better Than Female Bulldogs?

Male Bulldogs are not better than female Bulldogs. When it comes to behavior, both of them will make excellent companions as long as they are trained well. However, male Bulldogs tend to be larger than female Bulldogs, so your choice will depend mainly on your preference.

What Are the Best Companion Breeds for English Bulldogs?

The best companion breeds for English Bulldogs are Border Collies, Pit Bulls, Golden Retrievers, and Catahoula Leopards. These doh breeds have similar or complementary characteristics to English Bulldogs, so they will be able to get along smoothly. They also won’t fight each other over territory, food, or toys.

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