Are Female Bulldogs More Aggressive? What’s True and What’s Not

Bulldogs are super protective of their owners, and they will become aggressive if they sense any threat coming toward them.

However, many dog lovers are under the assumption that female Bulldogs are more protective of their owners, which causes them to become more aggressive.

So, are female Bulldogs more aggressive? Female Bulldogs are not more aggressive than male Bulldogs. However, they tend to be more protective of their owners, so they’re more likely to become aggressive when they sense a threat toward them. Aggressive behavior in Bulldogs depends mainly on the dog’s training, not gender. 

Continue reading to learn more about whether female Bulldogs are more aggressive than males and why some people think that.

Are Female Bulldogs More Aggressive?

a photo of two bulldogs fighting to show whether female bulldogs are more aggressive

Female Bulldogs are not more aggressive than male Bulldogs. In fact, the dog’s overall behavior in dogs depends mostly on the dog’s training and living conditions, not its gender.

There might be certain instances where female Bulldogs are more aggressive than male Bulldogs, but it’s not because they’re naturally predisposed to aggression. 

Every Bulldog has its own personality. You may find your female Bulldog is a bit more aggressive compared to other male Bulldogs, but you’ll find that there’s always a reason behind the dog’s aggressive behavior, regardless of its gender.

Yet, many people are still under the assumption that female Bulldogs are more aggressive or stubborn. They seem to think that male Bulldogs are more affectionate and easier to train than female Bulldogs.

Why Do Some People Think That Female Bulldogs Are More Aggressive?

As mentioned before, every Bulldog has its own personality regardless of gender, and their behavior depends on how well you train them. Yet, many people still assume that female Bulldogs are naturally more aggressive than male Bulldogs.

The main reason for this assumption is that female Bulldogs have maternal instincts that don’t exist in male Bulldogs. These instincts cause them to be more protective of their families, which results in them being more aggressive if they sense a threat coming toward them. 

The maternal instincts in female Bulldogs mostly come from the hormones they release during pregnancy and birth; that’s why male dogs can never have similar instincts.

However, that doesn’t mean that male Bulldogs can’t be protective of their family; they’re just less intense and less likely to become overly aggressive when they sense a threat.

3 Reasons why Female Bulldogs Might Be More Aggressive

Aside from their maternal instincts, there are some other reasons why female Bulldogs might be more aggressive than male Bulldogs. So, let’s take a close look at some of those reasons.


As every Bulldog has been through its own experiences, some might have had positive experiences, while others suffered from negative ones. 

If your Female Bulldog experienced a traumatic event or came from a violent environment, it’s more likely to become more aggressive.

Fear and Anxiety

Your female Bulldog may be feeling scared or anxious, which will cause it to lash out and act aggressively as a way to cope and defend itself.

In this case, it’s important to figure out what’s causing the dog to feel anxious and scared, then take all the necessary measures to calm it down and make it feel safe again.


All dogs get possessive over food, and female Bulldogs are no exception. 

It’s a natural instinct for a dog to show aggressive tendencies if it notices a stranger trying to eat or take their food away. They will also bury or hide their food away to keep it safe from strangers.

The Temperament of Female Bulldog Explained 

The temperament of any dog is its general behavior toward people and other animals. Dogs have different temperaments depending on various factors.

So, let’s take a close look at the factors that affect the temperament of female Bulldogs in order to explain their behavior.


Bulldogs, in general, were originally bred and trained to participate in violent activities such as bullbaiting or dogfights, which caused them to develop some aggressive tendencies.

When these violent activities became illegal, Bulldogs were bred and trained to be companion dogs. If they are trained properly and not exposed to any violence, they will grow to be affectionate and loyal.


The personality of Bulldogs depends mostly on their training and living conditions.

Female Bulldogs might be raised to be more sociable and affectionate than male Bulldogs. But, they still have some maternal instincts that cause them to be more protective and stubborn.


Female Bulldogs can’t breathe well, they will show signs of stress in hot weather and high humidity, take them inside at once if you notice any signs of discomfort. If it’s pool day, take him to a shaded spot, they can’t tolerate heat, and they are sensitive to cold water. 

They are brachycephalic, they have a flat face and short snouts, and may require surgery 

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