Are French Bulldogs Dangerous? The Cuteness and Accidents Explained

French Bulldogs may be on the smaller size, but as they say, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. Frenchies really do punch above their weight, and they can fight if push comes to shove, but this is not really their nature.

So if your question is:

Are French Bulldogs Dangerous? French Bulldogs are not dangerous. French Bulldogs are friendly, affectionate dogs that love spending time with their humans, and they are good with other animals and kids, but Frenchies can play a little rough if not trained properly, and this rough play can be dangerous on children.

As always with dogs; the answer is that it depends on how you trained your dog, and not about the dog’s breed. It’s true that there are common characteristics for each breed, but it’s rarely the dominating factor.

And even in the case of French Bulldogs, the common characteristics and traits of the breed are that they are not dangerous at all, they are usually friendly, affectionate, and cuddly, and they are never dangerous unless they feel really threatened or have not been trained properly.

To understand more about how totally harmless French Bulldogs are, keep reading… I’ll explain everything.

Are French Bulldogs Dangerous Dogs?

angry french bulldog to answer are french bulldogs dangerous

People who have never owned dogs always think that large dogs are the most dangerous, but people who have dogs or have been around them know that most big dogs are actually gentle giants that want nothing but to run, sleep, and cuddle all day.

People who actually know dogs know that small dogs are usually the more aggressive ones, especially breeds like Chihuahuas who are like little demons living in our houses.

Due to their kinda-aggressive look, French Bulldogs are also thought of as being aggressive and dangerous, but they are actually not aggressive or dangerous at all. Frenchies may not be easy going and they may be a bit stubborn, but they are almost never dangerous or harmful.

French Bulldogs are also great with kids as long as you teach both the kid and the dog their limits and keep an eye on them at the beginning of their interactions to make sure things go smoothly, but that’s what you should do with any dog anyway.

Do French Bulldogs Attack Humans?

French Bulldogs do not attack humans. French Bulldogs are a docile and harmless breed, and they will never attack a human or a dog unless they feel seriously threatened or they are aggressively provoked. There have not been many reports of French Bulldogs attack on humans, and the rare ones that are reported are usually concerned with a mixed dog, not a purebred French Bulldog.

According to Dr. Richard H.Polsky, Ph.D. CDBC in Los Angeles, California:

As an applied animal behaviorist, I have personally trained French bulldogs and have consulted with French bulldog owners on many occasions. I cannot recall ever dealing with the case involving French bulldog aggression towards people. 

Dr. Richard H.Polsky – Applied Animal Behaviorist

So, no, French Bulldogs do not attack humans, and when it happens, there was something very wrong that caused the attack.

Do French Bulldogs Attack their owners?

French Bulldogs do not attack their owners, on the contrary, French Bulldogs tend to be very watchful and protective of their owners and would not allow harm to reach them if they feel their owners are threatened.

I have discussed how French Bulldogs are protective here, and you should check out this post to learn how your French Bulldog will act in case of an intruder.

Back to our main topic. No, French Bulldogs, of course, do not attack their owners. They may play a little rough with them which could lead to some biting, but this almost always happens with young puppies, and they quickly grow out of it with some training and behavior correction.

In fact, the friendliness of French Bulldogs, combined with their cute looks and petite size, of course, is the main reason they have been becoming even more popular lately. French Bulldogs even overtook the immensely popular golden retriever and german shepherds in popularity in the US in 2020, which is the first time this happens in history.

Do French Bulldogs Bite Hard?

French Bulldogs bite hard despite their small size. The bite force of a French Bulldog is not of the highest in the dog world, but it is still quite strong for their small size. French Bulldogs have strong jaws and a muscular build that makes their force bite quite strong.

So, if their bite force is quite strong, this leads us to a different question…

Do French Bulldogs bites hurt?

Yes, French Bulldogs bites hurt, and it hurts more the stronger the dog is and the more aggressive he is. French Bulldogs puppies bite the most, but they hurt the least because their jaws and teeth are not as strong as they will be just yet, but as they grow older and their bodies get stronger, so do their bites.

Bite inhibition is a critical part of training your dog while they’re young to ensure they don’t bite anyone in the future. Dogs can bite while playing, and if they are not taught to stop this habit, they will continue doing so.

The main concern, and the more pressing one, is if the dog is around children. Children can play a little rough with the dogs sometimes, thinking they are bigger and stronger than the dog, and because children sometimes play like that.

But the dog, any dog, can react aggressively to such rough play, especially if the kid hurts the dog by doing something like pulling their ears or tails, which kids do more than they should – which is never.

This kind of rough play is the main reason behind accidents. This is why you absolutely need to make sure you’ve trained your dog well on not biting anyone, but that your kid also knows the limits and the aggression signs so they can recognize them. That’s why it’s also always recommended to keep an eye on kids playing with dogs no matter the breed or how well trained the dog is.

Related Questions

Do French Bulldogs Bite a Lot?

French Bulldogs bite a lot, especially when they are younger. Puppies do a lot of mouthing, nipping, and biting to explore the world around them, and while it’s cute when they are small, this biting will soon hurt when they develop their adult teeth and stronger muscles, so it’s critical to train them to stop biting when they are younger.

Most Bulldog puppies will grow out of the biting when they’re younger with the help of their mothers who teach their puppies what is acceptable and what is not through acting hurt and refusing to play when the puppy bites her, and this teaches the puppy self-control early on.

This is basically the same way you should use to train your puppy to stop biting. Act hurt, stop playing, and they will pick up on that and be gentler in the future.

Why is My French Bulldog Attacking Me?

French Bulldogs can attack you and show aggression to establish dominance in the house and the family, this more commonly happens as the dog is transitioning from being a puppy to being an adult dog, at this stage, the dog will show more snapping, biting, barking, and growling.

This behavior needs to be handled immediately in order for it to not turn into a serious aggression problem later on. The earlier you can stop your dog and establish your authority and dominance, the better behaved your dog will be in the future.

Are French Bulldogs Typically Aggressive?

French Bulldogs are not typically aggressive. French Bulldogs are usually friendly, affectionate, and cuddly dogs that enjoy human companionship and loves to please them. However, if the dog is not trained well and socialized early in life, they can show aggression and other behavioral problems.

French Bulldogs can also be stubborn, which if not handled correctly may also lead to aggression as the dog tries to establish dominance.

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