Are French Bulldogs Jealous? The Keys to Dealing with a Jealous Frenchie

When our dogs appear possessive or hostile in particular settings, they might foreshadow an unpleasant surprise for us. When we lean down to greet another dog or cradle a child, our four-legged companions may begin snarling and leaping wildly. 

So, Are French Bulldogs jealous? French bulldogs are jealous dogs because they are companion breeds, It indicates that they are trustworthy; Because a Frenchie’s owner is the primary focus of his or her attention, giving attention to any other creature is a stressful situation to them unless you gradually prepare them for it.

In this article, You’ll know the answer to “Are Frenchies a Jealous breed?” and get to spot all the warning signals to be aware of, so continue reading

Are French Bulldogs jealous?

French Bulldogs are jealous; They’re called companion breeds for a reason. Because a Frenchie’s owner is the primary focus of his or her attention, giving attention to any other creature can be stressful unless you gradually prepare them for it.

Because French Bulldogs are companion dog breeds, you can expect them to be highly trustworthy. On the other side, they are prone to separation anxiety and might display jealousy as a result of their dread.

Boredom in a dog is another factor that might lead to such behavior. As a result, you should give your puppy regular exercise to ensure that he gets rid of his pent-up energy.

The need to be the center of attention in French bulldogs is more than just a basic yearning. It stems from a desire to be cared for and cherished.

Jealousy in French bulldogs can lead to fighting or overall aggression. If they begin to bark or growl, you’ll know they’re becoming hostile.

Fights are a means for them to force their perceived opponent to give up whatever they regard to be their physical space, property, or social circle.

You can learn more about Frenchies’ aggression in my post on why do French Bulldogs attack here.

The signs of jealousy or possessiveness in dogs

sad frenchie to show why are French Bulldogs jealous

Is your Frenchie always following you everywhere, even to the bathroom? Or does he or she become agitated, pushes you, leaps, or barks whenever you hold another pet or even your child? Those are unmistakable indicators that your dog has become a possessively jealous pup. 

You can also spot jealousy or possessiveness in the following actions of French bulldogs:

Leaping when you get near another pet or child

Not only you’ll notice them get agitated, but Frenchies also will physically try to stop you from petting another pet or playing with a child.

Excessive barking when you don’t give them attention

French Bulldogs are similar to an only child who doesn’t wish to split his parents’ love with anyone else; you may find them barking excessively when you get. close to anyone or display affection towards anyone but them.

Difficulty to settle down and following you everywhere

It’s not unusual to observe a dog following his owner around the home on occasion. Your Frenchie is probably hoping for some attention, a treat, or a nice plate of his favorite meal at that time.

Anxious pacing around the owner when stroking another dog or cuddling a kid 

If they see you become affectionate with another dog or even a child, french bulldogs will display their displease and jealousy.

Pushy behavior

Pushy behavior is one of the symptoms to look for to see whether your dog is suffering from jealousy. To get your attention, your Frenchie will try to shove another dog or company that will get close to you.

Showing aggressiveness or barking when you hold a specific object

Jealousy and possessiveness can also become a bit aggressive with Frenchies, you’ll find them barking excessively as a way of telling you “hands-off”.

Grumbling when they don’t get affection

Although Frenchies are naturally calm; they will get grumpy if you don’t cuddle them and give them affection; you’ll notice how they won’t disapprove that you’re not showering them with love.

French bulldogs adore hugs and kisses and any other forms of physical affection, and they need it to stay happy and content.


Interrupting behavior is another indicator that your French bulldog is jealous; you could notice your Frenchie getting into your space when you’re doing something so you can focus on them instead.

8 Reasons why your French Bulldog is jealous 

According to experts, jealousy-like actions in pets usually indicate :

  1. Boredom – your pup requires regular stimulation to keep him or her occupied and interested and avoid boredom.
  2. A ploy for owners’ attention – Our dogs sometimes just want us and don’t want to share us with another pet or human.
  3. Feeling uneasy – Dogs are sociable creatures that are constantly giving and receiving affection; not feeling loved prompts your Frenchie to attempt to elicit more emotions from you.
  4. Individual attention is required – plenty of hugging and affectionate acts rather than focusing on other things.
  5. Feeling abandoned – if you haven’t spent much time with your pet during the day, they may be feeling neglected and demand your undivided attention.
  6. A scarcity of resources – if you have several pets and only give them one toy to play with, each will strive to prove that it is his.
  7. Social conflict – If there is an imbalance in the amount of food or treats given to pets, it will lead to social conflict as each tries to establish dominance.
  8. insufficient physical activity

What to do with a Jealous Frenchie? 

Here is what you should do with your Jealous French Bulldog and how you can make them less jealous:

Training on a regular basis

Despite the fact that it may appear to be a difficult task, you may assist your pet by encouraging actions such as “go to your crate” and “leave it.”

By rehearsing these instructions, you may establish positions and enhance your leadership abilities.

Don’t give your Frenchie any more treats.

Have you ever tried rewarding your Frenchie to get him to do something good? If that’s the case, you need to quit doing it right now. Dogs, like children, can enjoy the thrill of unfavorable attention.

Teach your dog to play alone in his crate.

If you’re a dog owner who used to spend hours playing with your dog and you’re thinking of getting another dog or having a child, you’ll need to gradually educate your Frenchie to spend time alone.

Overdependence is one of the most common unintentional lessons that an owner may teach their dog. Therefore, it’s time to ‘neglect’ your pup by training him to play with toys in his kennel.

A crate can also represent your French bulldog’s bed where he loves to chill during the day.

Decrease Jealousy between dogs

Is it true that Frenchies are envious of other dogs? Definitely! They can be if they didn’t learn to meet unknown dogs from the neighborhood from an early age.

If you’ve recently adopted a new dog, don’t expect your first pet to fall in love with him or her at first sight.

Instead, introduce them gradually while being careful not to harm your senior dog’s toys, bed, or cage.

If your Frenchie gets envious, show them that this behavior is negative 

Every dog should be able to comprehend why you choose to punish him. The use of physical force should not be used as a form of punishment; instead, only positive reinforcement should be used.

Dogs are intelligent and sociable creatures, so if you start ignoring them or telling them to go to bed, they will understand that jealousy is a negative behavior that evokes a negative reaction from you

Gradually introduce the situation

If you’re thinking of getting another pet, or even if you’re having people over, gently expose them to the scenario.

Make your Frenchie comfortable by gradually showing them that it’s quite normal for other creatures to receive your attention.

Related Questions 

Are French Bulldogs possessive? 

French Bulldogs are possessive as they adore their owners more than anything else in the world. They fare poorly when left alone for extended periods of time and are prone to separation anxiety. Some Frenchies are also very attached to their owners and will follow you wherever you go in the home.

Are French Bulldogs protective of their owners? 

French Bulldogs are protective of their owners. Their peculiar behavior may occasionally warn their owners to intruders, but don’t anticipate protection if someone tries to mug or harm their owner. Frenchies have a tendency to get possessive and jealous when another species receives attention.

Why is my French Bulldog so jealous? 

Your French Bulldog is jealous due to boredom or as a ploy for your attention; They, like people, might feel uneasy at times when they’re not getting enough affection. They want particular attention, lots of snuggling, and activities to keep them occupied and avoid boredom.

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