Are French Bulldogs Stubborn? The Secrets To Dealing With a Stubborn Frenchie

A Frenchie is an excellent choice if you want a lap dog who will sit with you while you watch TV and then go for a run in the park, but then it comes down to their behavior.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and never judge a Frenchie’s stubbornness by its size. These small creatures have huge personalities. About that reputation for stubbornness,

Are French Bulldogs stubborn? French Bulldogs are stubborn, they tend to not respond well to commands and harsh clapping and they have “Selective hearing” or, in actuality, finding out what motivates them or communicating with them is more difficult.

Keep reading to check out our pros and drawbacks of owning a French Bulldog if you’re not sure if a Frenchie is perfect for you.

Are French Bulldogs Stubborn? 

french bulldog pulling on leash to answer are french bulldogs stubborn

French bulldogs, as a rigid-minded breed, demand a lot of care. If they do not receive the attention they require, they may look stubborn and develop a reputation for being stubborn.

The most typical way for a bulldog to act out is to bark in your absence or to locate a new (and inconvenient) area to urinate.

French bulldogs are not recommended for those who work long days. They demand the owner’s affection and attention. So, if you can’t give your dog enough attention, make sure someone else can. Alternatively, select a different breed!

Frenchies are obstinate and frequently suffer from a severe disease known as selective hearing.

When the mood strikes, Frenchies will listen to you and obey your orders. You might be able to convince them with a treat, but there are no guarantees.

8 reasons your french Bulldog is Stubborn

  1. Pent Up energy

Think of it that way, if they don’t release their energy in activities they will use it against you; Frenchies tend to ignore commands if they feel like they are not given attention or rewarded, and activities are a form of attention to them

Make sure your little Frenchie gets at least 30 mins of daily intense exercise so they’d be too exhausted to cause trouble.

  1. You’re not assertive

It’s not always reasonless when they are acting stubborn; these rigid little creatures need you to be assertive and dominating with them to prove that they are not the ones in charges; so don’t get bored or tired, be assertive until they listen.

  1. Misunderstanding or none at all

Maybe you only think they’re acting stubborn while in reality, they just don’t understand you – you have to make sure you are clear with your Frenchie and avoid saying things that will get them confused and unable to act.

  1. Distractions

French Bulldogs are easily distracted, they can be not focusing on your words at all, so make sure that during training their favorite toys are not lying around, no voices or people passing by so that they can focus on you only and listen to you.

  1. Your Frenchie is not feeling well

Are you 100% sure your Frenchie is healthy, well, and not feeling any pain; your pup might be focused on a pain he’s feeling or too tired to obey so do your check-ups, especially that this breed is prone to a handful of health issues.

Common health issues in French Bulldogs include Ear Infections, Diarrhea, Conjunctivitis, Skin Problems: Skin Fold Dermatitis & Pyoderma (bacterial skin infection), 

Breathing Problems: URT Infection & Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) and Mobility Issues

  1. Obeying is not rewarded enough

In their stubborn, rebel state, Frenchies might simply be thinking that good behavior or obeying is not attractive enough, so focus on rewarding good behavior with things they like such as treats, food, activities, and so on.

  1. Anxiety

Stress is usually confused by stubbornness when it comes to canines, your Frenchie may be too anxious to act upon your words.

  1. You unintentionally encouraged the behavior

That is unfortunate but common to occur; you may have rewarded the behavior before which made your Frenchie think it is okay.

How to make your French Bulldog Less Stubborn 

Sometimes stubbornness is inevitable as French bulldogs are stubborn by nature, yet here are some things that would make your Frenchie less stubborn in the long run.

  • Stay consistent with the discipline and training
  • Discipline them at the time of the action not after as they will forget and not relate the punishment to the action
  • Use firm body language and tone of voice to show them that you are in charge
  • Use positive reinforcement to encourage them towards positive behavior instead of forcing them to
  • Take breaks and give them a timeout
  • Try using treats and rewards
  • don’t let them get distracted

How to discipline a French Bulldogs (humanely and effectively) 

Baby Steps

Begin by working with your dog on known habits, praising even modest accomplishments, to establish a good link with training. 

Take tiny steps once your dog realizes that training is a positive thing: At a time, just one variable should be changed. Add a little distraction once your dog has learned to sit.

Take your time, since if training becomes too difficult, your dog will most likely quit up.

Make it a habit to exercise 

Make exercise a part of your everyday routine rather than a once-a-day event. Engage your dog in brief training sessions throughout the day to reinforce desired behavior.

It’s as easy as asking your dog to do a certain desired action, such as a sit or down, then rewarding him.

Choose the appropriate incentives

Make desirable actions extremely rewarding for your dog to ensure that training is meaningful. Your dog’s reaction is likely to degrade if incentives are infrequent or of poor value to him.

Increasing the value and frequency of incentives may have a significant impact on your dog’s behavior. discover out what your dog enjoys the most and give it to him in exchange for good behavior. 

Avoid harsh punishment

Harsh punishment causes anxiety in your dog and weakens his faith in you. Punishment might increase the likelihood of violence in the long run. 

Instead, use reward-based training methods that focus on rewarding the dog with things he wants, such as food, stroking, and play, when he obeys a command. Instead of punishing him for his undesirable conduct, divert him to a more acceptable activity and reward him for it.

Take charge of your surroundings

Take care to keep your dog engaged throughout training sessions. Choose a location that is devoid of distractions.

Toys or other objects that he could be tempted to chew on or play with should be put away. If you’re training outside, keep your dog on a leash or long line or in a gated area to offer an added degree of security.

Speaking of leashes, you should first check out this post on the right leashes for bulldogs, because not all types of leashes or leads work for bulldogs and some of them can harm them.

Consistency is key

You could unknowingly be praising various actions or asking for the same behavior in different ways. As a consequence, your dog may appear obstinate when he is actually puzzled.

It’s more probable that your dog will perform what you ask if everyone who spends time with him uses the same set of signals or instructions and gives the same incentives.

Seek assistance 

Finally, if training isn’t working or your dog is displaying indications of aggressiveness or fear, an expert’s advice and viewpoint might be beneficial. Find a reward-based trainer or a veterinary behaviorist with the aid of your veterinarian.

Related Questions 

Do French Bulldogs have an attitude? 

French Bulldogs have an attitude; they are one of the most stubborn breeds out there who may eventually stop responding to commands and claps; they can be obstinate and when their mood shifts, Frenchies will listen to you and obey your orders.

With that said, Frenchies are also affectionate, loving, and friendly if trained well and socialized early.

Why is my french bulldog so stubborn? 

Your french bulldog will be so stubborn if he doesn’t get the attention he needs, Frenchies can also become obstinate if they have a lot of pent-up energy, are distracted, or if you aren’t assertive enough with them; you need to make sure they’re healthy and that you’re rewarding them appropriately.

Are French Bulldogs difficult? 

French Bulldogs can be both difficult and easy; The Frenchie is a tough breed that may be difficult to teach, but he’s also surprisingly sensitive, remembers what he’s been taught, and responds well to early, patient, and consistent training using food rewards. 

Are French Bulldogs easy to train? 

French Bulldogs are quite easy to teach because of their ritualistic nature; all you have to do is be consistent yourself. Make a plan and stick to it. It will be more difficult to train a Frenchie if you are not consistent. It is worthy of notice that they can act stubborn, making training harder.

Do French Bulldogs get angry easily?

French Bulldogs don’t get angry easily; they are sociable, well-tempered canines but with a stubborn tendency as their greatest temperamental fault. They’re kind by nature and don’t react aggressively, and their separation anxiety stems only from their affection for their owners.

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