Are Frenchies Calm Dogs? & How to Calm Down Your Hyper Frenchie

With a wrinkled face, tiny stature, amiability, humorous demeanor, and a little amount of stubbornness that doesn’t damage anyone, french bulldogs are recognized for being lapdogs who will sit with you while you watch TV. 

Although known for their calm temperament and demeanor, Are Frenchies Calm Dog? French Bulldogs are calm dogs, they have a generally calm personality, yet they can be mischievous and hyperactive when they are young; Frenchies tend to get calmer as they age; they will settle at 2 to 3 years of age. But it will take until 4 to 5 years of age for periods of hyperactivity to cease.

To know why french bulldogs are hyperactive, how to calm your Frenchie down, and when the signs become concerning, continue reading this article.

Are Frenchies Calm Dogs? 

French bulldog puppy sleeping to show how are Frenchies Calm dogs

The energy level of Frenchies is medium, with a strong potential for intensity and playfulness. These dogs enjoy running around, but they are also prone to being exhausted and sleeping for the rest of the day.

Each French bulldog is unique. Some French people bulldogs appear to have an infinite supply of energy. Others are slackers who like nothing more than to slumber on their owners’ laps.

As pups and occasionally into maturity, French Bulldogs may be highly energetic. To stop harmful conduct, they need a lot of stimulus and exercise. While they sleep a lot, they demand a lot of care from their owners while they are up.

A Frenchie’s parents should prepare to cope with a lot of high activity and destructive tendencies throughout the puppy stage. The first ten months of a Frenchie puppy’s life are the busiest and most energetic, and people may struggle to keep up.

Their senses are growing, the world is a tremendous adventure, and they will be pushing themselves to their limits, which you may notice as hyperactivity.

Do French Bulldogs calm down with age?

French Bulldogs calm down with age; they begin to settle at the age of 2 to 3 years. Periods of hyperactivity, on the other hand, will last until the child is 4 to 5 years old. French Bulldogs can be hyperactive when they are young, but they are quiet dogs with a typically tranquil personality.

Compared to other dog breeds, French bulldogs are relatively calm, and even when they are too active for a Frenchie, they are still easier to handle and deal with than other dog breeds such as, say, huskies or German Shepherds. Their size also makes things much more tolerable.

At What age do french bulldogs calm down?

French Bulldogs begin to calm down at the age of two to three years, their periods of hyperactivity, on the other hand, will last until they are four to five years old. French Bulldogs are quiet dogs with a typically tranquil personality; yet, they can be hyperactive when they are young.

Why is my french bulldog so hyper?

Your french bulldog is so hyper because he or she needs more physical activity, they’re still too young, they are bored, they suffer from behavioral issues, they’re bored and need more attention, they’re not on the right diet, or even they’re eating too little.

Let’s discuss some of the possible reasons why your French Bulldog is so hyperactive:

They’re not engaged in enough physical activity

Frenchies require regular exercise, which usually entails walking them on a set schedule. If you don’t exercise your Frenchie frequently, all of that energy builds up and has to be released through hyperactive and destructive behavior.

They’re still too young

Dogs who are younger are simply more lively than those that are older. Your Frenchie will mature with time, but throughout the first 3-5 years of his life, you should expect him to want to run about a lot.

They’re becoming older and their cognitive abilities are deteriorating.

As they grow older, Frenchies might become more hyperactive, especially mindlessly. This could be a symptom of cognitive deterioration, particularly if it occurs at night.

They might have behavioral issues

It is common for a french bulldog to spend the entire day running in circles, barking, chewing, or tormenting other dogs in the house, but few people consider changing these behaviors.

A dog with a large personality may be obstinate and insist on doing things their way. Many hyper-aggressive French bulldogs also bark at or jump on their owners’ visitors.

All dogs must learn correct manners in order to socialize effectively with visitors.

All of these actions are the outcome of a dog that needs more activity and instruction from its owner. Your French bulldog doesn’t have an unlimited supply of energy; they simply need to let it out.

They Need Exercise

 A dog with too much energy is a dog that needs more exercise. Frenchies are little dogs that are frequently used as lapdogs, but they also require regular exercise to stay healthy and happy.

Take a long stroll with your French bulldog if they are acting hyper. Play fetch in the backyard, at the dog park, or at a dog park. In a game of tag, chase your dog around the house.

The idea is to assist your Frenchie to feel weary and relaxed. Once they have had their fill of exercise, most french bulldogs are happy to obey orders.

They’re bored 

dogs need something to do. When they’re inside the house, there’s not much to keep them occupied, especially if everyone is busy. To avoid boredom, your dog has to be mentally stimulated or find something to do. If you don’t give stimulating activities for your Frenchie, you’ll notice a lot more hyperactivity as they try to keep themselves engaged.

They need attention

Frenchies love company; They like to spend the entire day with their owners, and if they don’t, they may make a commotion in order to gain more attention.

Every day, you should spend at least 20 minutes interacting with your dog. As a result, your dog will behave better and you and your pup will have a deeper relationship.

Frenchies are very affectionate, they love interacting with their humans, and you can learn more about this and how to strengthen your bond with your Frenchie in my post on do French Bulldogs like kisses here.

They’re feeling lonely

When they don’t have enough company and are lonely, French bulldogs become hyper and anxious.

In some cases, getting a second dog may be the best solution. another dog can assist keep your french bulldog occupied while you’re at work or at school.

Another dog will function as a canine role model and educate your Frenchie on the proper way to act.

Because all French bulldogs have the same behaviors and requirements, they get along swimmingly.

Before adding a second dog to your family, think about the scenario thoroughly. If your French bulldog is often lonely, bored, and misbehaving, a companion might provide just the extra excitement they need.

They’re feeling afraid

Some hyperactivity is a symptom of worry or dread. There might be something alarming your Frenchie if you see them barking more and looking more active and attentively attempting to get to the door. 

Some Frenchies are naturally timid, and they discover that it terrifies them much more than it would typically terrify a dog. 

Because the anxious energy needs to go someplace, this might contribute to hyperactivity. Similarly, your dog may have been exposed to a traumatic event that caused him to develop phobias, which could be the source of nervous energy.

They need more toys

All dogs require mental and physical stimulation. When your French bulldog has too much energy, they need toys to play with. Toys that are well-chosen will keep your dog occupied throughout the day and offer them a reason to avoid mischief and destructive behavior.

Toys will assist your Frenchie in channeling their rambunctious behavior into something productive. You can never have too many dog toys. Buy fresh ones when your dog’s old toys grow worn out; you can even surprise them with new toys if they’ve been exceptionally nice lately.

They’re happy (too happy)

A hyper French bulldog does not receive nearly enough physical and mental stimulation in general. They might be behaving out because they’re thrilled, restless, or worried.

The best treatment is typically exercise, although other types of stimulation can also help. Direct attention, additional playtime, additional toys, and even another dog can all help your Frenchie relax.

Exercising your Frenchie will help them relax. Then, using training techniques, express the calm behaviors you want them to exhibit.

How do I get my french bulldog to calm down?

You can get your french bulldog to calm down by exercising, this can help your French bulldog settle down. Direct attention, additional playtime, more toys, and even another dog can all help your Frenchie relax. weary French bulldogs are more likely to obey commands. 

Here are some of the easy solutions to get your hyperactive Frenchie to calm down a bit:


Giving your Frenchie activities to do, such as discovering something, learning a new trick, and other brain stimulation activities are a fantastic way to burn off some of their extra energy.


If you teach your dog for a certain period of time every day, they will begin to settle down in proportion to the amount of time you spend training them.

Change the food they eat 

Make sure it’s free of sweets, corn syrup, and empty calories. If it is, switch to something less sweet and more natural.

Use Rewards

Treats can be used to reward your bulldog companion when they are calm, as long as you don’t overdo it.

When to go to the vet?

You should go to the vet if you notice that your dog is acting hyperactive all of a sudden, or acting energetically even after exceeding four or five years old age, or displaying symptoms like biting constant barking, and aggressive reactions. 

With dogs, certain hyperactivity is to be expected. However, if your dog is beyond the age of 4 or 5, and you observe more hyperactivity, it is typically a good idea to consult a veterinarian. 

Similarly, if your dog becomes hyperactive suddenly when he or she wasn’t previously, it’s always a good idea to get them checked out to be sure there’s nothing medically wrong.

Related Questions 

Are French Bulldogs hyperactive? 

French Bulldogs are hyperactive when they are young; Frenchies tend to get calmer as they age; they will settle at 2 to 3 years of age. But it will take until 4 to 5 years of age for periods of hyperactivity to cease and them to calm down; they have a generally calm personality.

Will my french bulldog ever calm down? 

Your french bulldog will calm down at the age of two to three years, Frenchies begin to settle down; nonetheless, their spurts of hyperactivity persist until they are four to five years old. Although French Bulldogs are peaceful dogs with a calm demeanor, they may be energetic when they are young.

Why are french bulldogs so calm?

French Bulldogs are calm because they are brachycephalic breeds, they have trouble breathing and cooling off. As your Frenchie gets older, they will no longer require the additional walks and play, and they will become calmer and more relaxed. 

How to calm down a french bulldog puppy? 

You can calm down your french bulldog puppy by exercising, this can help your French bulldog settle down. Direct attention, additional playtime, more toys, and even another dog can all help your Frenchie relax. weary French bulldogs are more likely to obey commands. 

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