Can Bulldogs Mate Naturally? Bulldog Mating Explained Simply

You may wonder how cute and fun it is to have an adorable little version of your Bulldog in your home playing around you. But you need to know more about mating Bulldog before going through the process.

So, can Bulldogs mate naturally? Bulldogs can mate naturally, but it’s dangerous for them to do so due to their physical the way their bodies are built. It also takes them a long time to mate, which leads to overheating and other problems. If you want to mate your Bulldog, it’s better to seek the help of professional breeders. 

Continue reading to learn more about mating Bulldogs naturally, whether artificial insemination is a better option, and what you can do to reduce the risks of the mating process.

Can Bulldogs Mate Naturally? 

a photo of bulldogs to show they can mate naturally

Bulldogs have a desire to mate, just like any other dog breed. While they can mate naturally, the process can be very dangerous for their health due to the way their bodies are built.

Bulldogs have some physical traits that we consider cute, but in fact, these traits can hinder the mating process for them. For example, their bodies are larger on the front side than on the back, so when they try to mate naturally, the weight of the male dog will make the female collapse.

During the mating process, the bulldog female presents herself to the male Bulldog, and the male will try to mount her.

The male dog might fail to mount the female dog because of the way their bodies are built. You might think that it’s okay for them to fail, and they should keep trying until it’s done naturally like any other dog breed, but if the process goes on too long, it can lead to overheating and other serious health problems.

So, yes, bulldogs can try to mate naturally like any other dog, but it’s super dangerous for male dogs and even more dangerous for female dogs. The process also takes too much time for them to happen, and usually, it ends up in failure. 

By the way, French Bulldogs also have trouble mating, and you can learn more about it in this article on whether French Bulldogs can mate with other dogs.

Do All English Bulldogs Have Trouble Mating Naturally?

Not all English bulldogs have trouble mating naturally. You still may hear that two English bulldogs have been mating naturally, and the process is successful. 

It’s just rare to happen because usually, the natural mating of English bulldogs leads to serious health issues, and it literally can lead to death if it’s not monitored and controlled by an experienced breeder that knows what they are doing really well.

It’s better to seek help from a professionally trained breeder to make the process safer and easier with no risks to your dog.

Do Bulldogs Need to Be Artificially Inseminated? 

Since natural mating is not the best option for Bulldogs, they might need to be artificially inseminated to be able to reproduce. 

Artificial insemination is a procedure where the male dog’s semen is carefully collected and then injected into the female dog’s uterus.

It will help prevent the health problems that occur from natural breeding. If you’re considering artificial insemination for your Bulldog, make sure to consult with a vet about how the process goes and whether there are any risks.

Are There Any Risks With Artificial Insemination?

There are few risks to artificial insemination. For instance, if the male’s sperm is not collected correctly, it will be damaged and ineffective.

There’s also a risk with putting the female dog under anesthesia in order to inject the semen into its uterus.

However, statistically speaking, 90% of artificial insemination procedures in Bulldogs go smoothly without any risk.

How Much Does It Cost to Artificially Inseminate a Bulldog?

Artificial insemination is very expensive because the dog’s semen needs to be carefully collected and stored until it’s injected into the female dog’s uterus.

It costs from $2000 to $5000 to artificially inseminate a dog. The cost varies depending on several factors, including the dog’s age, health, and where it will be undergoing the procedure.

There are also other expenses in addition to the procedure, such as the cost of shipping the male dog’s semen, the tests needed before the procedure, medication, and overall veterinary care. All of this might drive the cost of artificial insemination up to $9000

How much does English Bulldog Sperm Cost?

English bulldog sperm costs $500 up to $2000 without the shipping fees. It’s up to the dog’s breeder or owner to determine the price depending on factors like the dog’s bloodline or health. But usually, the cost is equivalent to that of one puppy.

You can also learn about the cost of French Bulldog’s sperm here, as it’s usually more expensive (and the whole thing is sometimes more dramatic).

How Does the Mating Process of English Bulldog Go?

The mating process for English Bulldogs is no different from any other breed. It involves multiple steps, which are:

  1. Tail Flagging
  2. Mounting 
  3. Insertion 
  4. Ejaculation 
  5. Copulatory Tie
  6. Release 

We’ll be discussing all of these steps in more detail.

Step 1: Tail Flagging

When the female dog is in the heat, the male dog will try to mount her, even if she is not ready, which will make the process more difficult.

However, once she is ready, she will let the male dog know through “tail flagging.”

Tail flagging is when the female stands and holds her tail up for the male to sniff her scent. 

Step 2: Mounting 

When the female dog allows the male dog to sniff her scent, he will mount her from behind.

The male dog’s front legs will be positioned around the female, and its back legs will be on the ground. This step is very hard because the male Bulldog’s body build is too heavy for the female, so she might collapse.

Step 3: Insertion 

During the mounting process, the male will try to find the v*lva, which is so hard due to their body shape.

So, human intervention is needed to help the male dog. The breeders can assist the male dog by holding the female dog’s hips then the male will start thrusting.

Step 4: Ejaculation 

The male dog continues the thrusting till he ejaculates and releases sperms and prostatic fluid. You may think that this is the end of the Bulldog’s mating process, but no.

If they stop at this phase, it’s called “slip mating,” which means the female could get pregnant as long as the male has successfully ejaculated.

Step 5: Copulatory Tie

After ejaculation, the male and female will get locked together from their back ends.

It happens to lock the semen inside the female, which improves the chances of pregnancy.

In the copulatory tie phase, the bulbus glandis (part of the male dog’s organ) will start swelling, and when it swells, it will keep the male dog stuck inside the female dog.

This phase usually takes around 15 to 30 minutes, and sometimes it lasts only for 5 minutes.

Step 6: Release 

At this phase, the male and female bulldogs are released from the tie, and the sperm has successfully entered the female, and she may be pregnant soon.

How to Reduce the Risks of Natural Mating in Bulldogs?

Since mating bulldogs is considered a dangerous and risky process, there are some measures you can take to reduce the possible risks that might happen, which are: 

  • Using mountain tables
  • Mate the bulldogs under the supervision of a professional breeder
  • Artificial insemination

Using Mounting Tables 

A mounting table is to assist bulldogs during the mating process. It supports the female’s back and reduces the heaviness of the male’s weight on her.

It also holds the female Bulldog in a way that makes it easy for the sperm to enter.

Mate The Bulldogs In a Supervision of a Professional Breeder

The professional breeder assists the dogs during the process and controls them if they are doing something wrong or risky. 

He also helps in assisting with mounting and inserting when the bulldog male fails to do it naturally (which is usually the case).

He also guarantees the success of the tie and the safety of the dogs after the mating process.

Artificial Insemination 

Most breeders depend on artificial insemination, and that’s because it is way safer than natural mating. It happens by collecting sperm and injecting it into the female’s uterus in heat.

Can English Bulldogs Give Birth Naturally?

English bulldogs can give birth naturally, but it’s very rare and uncommon to happen. Only 10% of English Bulldogs give birth naturally and successfully. The process usually fails because there are various risks, and the puppies can get stuck in the birth canal due to their large head.

What Are the Risks of Natural Birth in English Bulldogs?

There are various risks to natural birth in English Bulldogs, so let’s break them down in more detail:


The female dog might suffer from severe swelling right before giving birth which is a condition known as Anasarca.

This will cause the dog to have difficulties with breathing and increase its heart rate. It might also end up being fatal if there was no intervention from a vet.

The Puppies Will Get Stuck

The puppies might get stuck in the birth canal because they have large heads.

You can tell the puppies are stuck in the birth canal if the dog has been actively pushing for 20-30 minutes and the puppies are still not delivered. 


The puppy might be in an abnormal position in the female dog’s uterus before it gives birth, so it will be difficult for it to come out.

You will need the help of a vet or someone experienced in natural dog births to fix the position of the puppy to make the delivery safer.

Is It Better for Bulldogs to Get a C-section?

It might be better for Bulldogs to give birth through C-section as there are lower risks with C-sections compared to natural birth.

C- sections are performed by experienced vets who will be able to take care of any of the risks that might happen during the procedure. However, keep in mind that not all Bulldogs can tolerate being under anesthesia or going through surgery.

Related Questions 

Are All Bulldogs Artificially Inseminated? 

Not all Bulldogs are artificially inseminated, as some might be able to mate naturally. However, the majority of Bulldog breeders prefer to artificially inseminate their dogs to increase the chances of pregnancy and reduce the risks of natural mating.

Is Breeding Bulldogs Cruel?

Breeding bulldogs is cruel if it’s done to change the genetics of the Bulldog, like changing their body shape or making their snouts longer. It’s also cruel also to breed bulldogs without testing their health and checking if they are able to give birth to normal healthy puppies or not.

Do English Bulldogs Need C-Sections?

Not all English Bulldogs need C-sections as some of them might be able to give birth naturally without complications. However, the majority of Bulldogs give birth through sections as the procedure has lower risks for the female dog and the puppies.

How Much Do Dog C-sections Cost? 

Dog C-sections cost from $600 to $2,000 in the United States. The cost will increase to over $2000 if the dog requires an emergency C-section. This procedure is common for Bulldogs as they face a lot of complications with natural birth. C-sections should be performed by a trained and experienced vet.

How to Tell Your English Bulldog Is Pregnant?

You can tell that your English Bulldog is pregnant by looking out for signs and symptoms such as frequent vomiting, changes in the color and shape of the nipples, changes in temperament, and sudden lack of energy. Most signs and symptoms of pregnancy won’t happen until the dog is over 40 days pregnant

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