Can You Breed a French Bulldog Without Papers? 6 Documents Explained

Many French Bulldog owners don’t pay attention to the papers of their dogs, although they are very necessary for any dog’s overall well-being. 

Sometimes, it’s even required by law for the dog to have proper documentation in order for the owner to breed it.

So, can you breed a French Bulldog without papers? You cannot breed a French Bulldog without papers as the papers will ensure that the dog comes from a pure bloodline. Having the proper papers will also help identify the dog if it gets lost and make it eligible for perks such as healthcare and participation in dog shows.

Continue reading to learn more about the documents needed to breed French Bulldogs and how much they cost.

What Are the Documents Needed to Breed French Bulldogs?

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French Bulldog breeding is a difficult process. Everything from the mating process to the documentation needed to the selling process is just a tad more complicated than you think.

I discuss the mating of French Bulldogs here, so make sure to check it out. In this article, we are going to discuss just the documents and documentation needed.

Many French Bulldog owners do not have enough information about the documents they need to legally own and breed their dogs.

 Having proper documentation for the dog will help ensure that the dog is healthy and comes from a pure bloodline. It’s also useful in identifying the dog if it gets stolen or lost.

If you are about to breed or adopt a French bulldog, you need to learn which documents are needed as it’s often required by law. So, let’s take a closer look at these documents:

#1 The Birth Certificate

Usually, you don’t get a birth certificate if you are adopting the French Bulldog from a rescue, but it must be given to you are buying the dog through a breeder.

This paper indicates that the dog is registered, and it also includes general information about the dog such as its height, weight, and color.

It might not be the most important document, but you should ask the breeders about it because they’re required to provide it by law. The breeders won’t hesitate to give it to you if they’re following ethical breeding practices.

#2 The Pedigree

Some owners confuse the pedigree with the birth certificate, but they are different.

The dog pedigree is the paper that explains the genetic background of the dog and provides proof that it comes from a pure bloodline. So, you must always ask the breeder to provide the pedigree before purchasing the dog.

The pedigree must contain the following information:

  • Denomination of the Genealogic book and number with which the dog has been registered.
  • Registration date.
  • Dog’s name.
  • Championship titles gained.
  • Breed.
  • Variety.
  • Sex.
  • Color.
  • Birth Date.
  • Identification Code.
  • The breeder’s name 
  • Date of transfer of ownership.
  • Name and address of the owner.
  • Date of issue of pedigree.
  • Authorized signatures of the Canine Society.
  • Name and registration number of ancestors

#3 The Identification Card

This is considered the most important document that you must have, whether your French Bulldog is adopted or purchased.

The ID card is the paper that mainly indicates that the dog is totally yours and not a third party. If you got the ID card, no one can steal your dog or lie about its ownership. 

For example, If you have lost your French Bulldog, and someone says that it’s theirs, there is nothing to prove it. You have your dog’s ID, which proves that you are the only owner.

#4 The Electronic Chip

The electronic chip is a way of identifying your French Bulldog easily as it contains all information about them.

The chip is placed under your French Bulldog’s skin through a painless and risk-free procedure.

So, in case your dog is lost, this chip can be read with a specific device made for it. When the device reads the chip inside your dog, all information about the dog and its owner is accessed, so it’s easy to return your dog after loss by this small electronic chip.

#5 The Health Card

A health card is not a mandatory document, but that doesn’t mean that it is not important.

It contains all the vaccines that your French Bulldog has taken as well as information regarding medication, operations, allergies, etc.

It will be very useful if you’re taking your French Bulldog to a new vet as it will help them learn about the medical health history of your dog.

#6 Passport

The passport is also not a mandatory document unless you’re planning to travel with your French Bulldog out of the country. 

The passport contains all the information about your French Bulldog and about you as an owner. 

How Much Do The Papers for French Bulldogs Cost? 

Here are the estimated average costs for the papers needed for French Bulldogs. Keep in mind that the cost might vary depending on the area you live in.

Registration (Birth Certificate)$30 to $50
Duplicate Dog Registration Certificate$20.00
Transfer Dog Ownership$30
Certified Pedigree (3 generations)$20 to $30
Certified Pedigree (4 generations)$35 to $40
Certified Export Pedigree (3 generations)$69.00
License (ID card)$30 to $60
Microchip$45 to $50
Health Card$35 to $300

Can You Breed a French Bulldog Without Papers?

You won’t be able to breed French Bulldogs legally without having the needed papers as you won’t have proof that the dog comes from a pure bloodline. You also need the papers to identify the ownership of the dog and make it eligible for various perks such as healthcare, insurance, and participation in dog shows.

Should You Even breed French Bulldogs?

If you are not certified and not experienced at doing this, you should not breed French bulldogs as you will be putting the female Frenchie in danger and increasing the chance of giving birth to flawed puppies.

When it comes to breeding French bulldogs, you must seek the help of professionals to guarantee the parents and the puppies.

Related Questions 

When Can You breed French Bulldogs? 

You can breed French Bulldogs starting from the age of 2 to 8 years. It’s recommended not to breed dogs that age under 1 year as their bodies will not be fully developed at the time, and they will not be sexually mature enough. It’s also recommended to consult with an expert breeder.

Should You Buy a French Bulldog Without Papers? 

You should never buy a French Bulldog without papers, especially if the breeder is charging full price for the puppy without giving you the papers. Having the papers for the dog proves that it comes from a pure bloodline and that it will grow up to be healthy.

What Are the Papers That French Bulldog Should Have? 

The papers that French Bulldogs should have are a birth certificate, a pedigree, an identification card, an electronic chip, and a health card. They might also need a passport if you are planning to travel together around the world.

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