Do Bulldogs Naturally Skateboard? How to Train Your Bulldog To Skate

For most people, seeing bulldogs on skateboards is likely to be too fascinating to believe. Bulldogs have a short, stocky, muscular physique with a low center of gravity, which allows them to retain their balance and manage the distribution of their weight over a skateboard; contrary to popular belief, bulldogs are fun-loving and naturally athletic.

So, do Bulldogs naturally skateboard? Bulldogs can naturally skateboard with proper training & master it. They are well-suited for this sport because of their extroverted personalities and low center of gravity, indicating that they are well-balanced. That’s why Bulldogs are recognized for their abilities in board sports such as skating.

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Do Bulldogs naturally skateboard? 

Skating english bulldog to show how do english bulldogs naturally skateboard

Bulldogs naturally skateboard; They have a low center of gravity and muscular bodies. Bulldogs also enjoy being the center of attention and are typically nice and friendly creatures. The low center of gravity of a Bulldog makes it simpler for them to balance and regulate their weight on a skateboard.

Bulldogs are one of the few breeds that have a natural affinity for skating. They are a force to be reckoned with in the skate park, with exceptional balance ability and the agility to propel and move with their strong paws!

Because they may be obstinate and sluggish, this is one of the most effective methods to get them to keep active and receive their daily dosage of exercise.

Bulldogs love skateboarding because their bodies appear to be made for it. They have distinct frames that help them to balance efficiently on skateboards and control their weight while doing so, with broad shoulders and a low stance. It’s difficult not to get enthusiastic when you see a bulldog skateboard.

Because bulldogs thrive on attention and are self-assured, the looks and applause they receive encourage them to stretch their muscles! Seeing your bulldog on a skateboard will make you proud if you continue to provide good reinforcement.

Why do bulldogs skateboard? 

Bulldogs skateboard because they do it exceptionally well. This sport is an ideal match for them. Skateboarding isn’t too physically demanding for dogs. In addition, their tiny stature, somewhat hefty body, and low center of gravity are fantastic qualities for staying balanced on a skateboard.

Bulldogs are a stocky, short-haired dog breed. They are now bred as companion dogs and often weigh 40-50 pounds. They have a low center of gravity and are muscular dogs. Bulldogs may be obstinate and sluggish, so encouraging him to exercise on a regular basis may require some persuasion, and he’ll most likely wear out in 15 minutes or less.

Your Bulldog’s health has a big impact on the sports he can participate in. This breed has a significant respiratory problem that makes it difficult for him to enjoy physical activities. Skateboarding isn’t too tough for English Bulldogs, thankfully.

Exercising isn’t appealing to a Bulldog, but being outside, seeing, and smelling new things is. When a dog skateboards, he goes considerably quicker and inhales a lot more scents than when he walks slowly. He gets to see more of the street without having to walk and the wind probably feels good, too. When dogs move at higher speeds, such as in vehicles, their noses pick up so many distinct odors.

How to teach your bulldog to skateboard in 7 easy steps 

Here are the 7 easy steps anyone can follow to train their bulldog to skateboard:

Skateboard Selection

Dogs, like any other athlete, might get hurt when riding a skateboard, so make sure you have the proper board. A flat skateboard with no flip at the end is the best choice for dogs since the board will not flip up as much when your dog steps on it.

Getting Your Pet Used to being on a skateboard

To teach a Bulldog to skateboard, one of the first and most crucial tasks is to get him acclimated to the board. The easiest method to accomplish this is to place the board in your pet’s dwelling space on a soft blanket. This will prevent the board from rolling and allow your pet to step or even sit on it if he so desires.

By luring your dog to the board with a reward and commanding him to “up,” you may speed up the process. When he touches the board with his paws, praise him, and especially if he climbs up the board to get the reward. When your dog comes into contact with the board, you want him to link it with nice things.

Taking it to the next level (Grass)

It’s time to go on to the next level if your dog looks at ease touching or climbing on the board. Take the skateboard outdoors on the grass and use the same reward and “up” command to get your dog to place his paw on it. At this point, go gently since your dog will be surprised by the movement.

Give it Time

It’s critical to devote as much time as necessary to acclimate your dog to the little movement. When your dog is consistently putting his front paw on the board, you may start holding the reward just out of reach so he feels motivated to push forward a little to get it.

Repeat the instruction “push” at this point. This is the most basic method for teaching him to push off on his own on the board. 

Praise, always

Praise him for each tiny accomplishment. This makes it obvious what you expect from him. By maintaining the treat just out of reach and forcing him to walk forward further, you may progressively increase the distance he pushes the board.

Moving on to the Pavement

Do not move to pavement training until your dog appears to be completely comfortable working on grass, and avoid uneven surfaces. This is the period of training where your dog is most likely to get hurt, so stay nearby in case he needs assistance. 

This is also the moment at which you’ll be able to tell if your pet is destined to become a full-fledged skateboarder. He may naturally hop on for a brief ride if he like the movement. Keep the training session pleasant and lively by giving him lots of praise.

Personalize Your Dog’s Training

It’s important to remember that no single training method will work for every dog. Pay attention to what works for you as you work with your dog, and if you get stuck at a certain level, seek other ways to educate your dog. Your dog will be more likely to learn to ride if you make the entire process enjoyable and rewarding.

Want even more info? Check out this video from the AKC which does a pretty good job explaining the process:

7 Pro tips for teaching your bulldog to skateboard 

Before you exercise your Bulldog, there are a few things you should know. Skateboarding may be quite harmful to him if no measures are taken. Nonetheless, it may also be enjoyable for you and beneficial for your animal buddy. Here are some pointers to ensure that your buddy has a safe time participating in this activity!

  1. Select the Correct Board! (Flat witout flip)
  2. Begin with short and slow training sessions
  3. In Extreme Temperatures, Do Not Allow Your Dog To Skateboard.
  4. On The Grass before pavement  (Carpets and blankets are good to begin with)
  5. Keep an eye on your bulldog(Before, During and After)
  6. Imply to your dog that it’s fun
  7. Praise them constantly

How to know if your bulldog is suitable to skateboard 

Not all English Bulldogs are willing or capable of learning to ride a board. It’s critical that you respect your dog’s natural abilities, as well as his or her personal health. You’ll need to work carefully and decide if this is something your dog actually wants to do, regardless of how much you’d like him to ride. 

Here are the things you need to make sure of:

  • Your dog has no joint problem, infection, or any health issue that can intervene with learning
  • Your bulldog is an adult, not a puppy or a senior
  • You dog doesn’t mind noises (like car horns)
  • Your dog likes to be outside
  • It’s not too hot for your dog
  • Your dog responds well to commands

What kind of skateboard to get for your bulldog? 

Here are my top picks that you can get right off Amazon:

Beleev Skateboards for Beginners, 31 Inch Complete Skateboard 

at a very affordable price, the Complete skateboard comes:

  • Fully assembled, ready to ride out of the box so you don’t spend time assembling it.
  • 31inch length and 8.0 inches wide offering plenty of room for your dog
  • 10 mm thick and composed of 7-layer Canadian maple wood, strong and durable to withstand up to 220 pounds. 
  • Suitable for all-level riders, so whether your dog is a beginner or a pro, it suits him.
  • waterproof emery non-slip grip tape for a safer ride for your dog.

Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard 

  • It’s super portable so you won’t have any trouble transporting it.
  • Its dimensions are 27.5″ long, 7.5″ wide, and 18.5″ wide, making it suitable for most, if not all, bulldogs.
  • The deck is very strong and durable

Beleev Skateboards for Beginners

  • Complete skateboard comes fully assembled, ready to ride out of the box and hit the streets, saving you a lot of time
  • dimenstions of: 31inch length and 8.0 inch wide, make this board a blast to ride with plenty of room for your bulldog.
  • Weighs only 4.7 pounds, so your bulldog can easily ride, control it and you can carry it around.
  • strong and durable to withstand riders up to 220 pounds. 
  • It’s equipped with 5 inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks, making them reliable and sturdy, safe for beginners
  • waterproof and non-slip, great for beginners

What size skateboard to get for your bulldog 

You should get your dog a skateboard in the size range of 7.5′′ to 8.25′′, and it’s best if it’s about the same width as your dog’s paws when standing normally, so they can maintain a good, solid, square stance on the board.

Related Questions 

Do bulldogs like to skateboard?

Bulldogs like to skateboard; They have a low center of gravity and muscular bodies. Bulldogs also enjoy being the center of attention and are typically nice and friendly creatures. The low center of gravity of a Bulldog makes it simpler for them to balance and regulate their weight on a skateboard.

Can English Bulldogs ride skateboards? 

English Bulldogs can skateboard; they are one of the few canine breeds capable of balancing themselves on skateboards. With their paws, they can move about. These beautiful canines have perfected a talent that only a few humans can achieve: rolling down the pavement.

What size skateboard do I get for my dog? 

You should get your dog a skateboard with a size typically ranging from 7.5′′ to 8.25′′, and it’s ideal to purchase one that’s approximately the same width as your dog’s paws when standing normally, so they can achieve a great, solid, square stance on the board.

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