Do French Bulldogs Cry a Lot? 7 Reasons and Their Solutions

When French Bulldogs cry, my heart melts and turns into pieces, you are here because you felt the same, and you want to know if the French Bulldogs actually cry; do they cry a lot? Why? When? And how to control my emotions and theirs? 

Do French Bulldogs Cry a lot? French Bulldogs cry a lot. They cry for attention when they are bored, hungry, or thirsty. French Bulldogs don’t cry with tears but rather express it with their voices; French Bulldogs also cry because of pain, excitement, or overstimulation.

So continue reading if you want to dig deeper and know exactly why your French bulldog is crying a lot.

7 Reasons why your Frenchie is Crying a lot 

sad frenchie to show why do french bulldogs cry a lot

Lots of you are French Bulldogs owners. You asked yourself the big question, does my dog actually cry? You feel heartbroken when you hear them, especially if you are a new owner. 

So, let’s discuss some of the facts, reasons, and solutions of this crying drama queen AKA French Bulldog.  

Separation anxiety.

It’s a common behavior between the french bulldogs -especially when left alone- if you leave them alone for a long period of time, you could come back to a destroyed house, As they’re so attached to their owners. 

It causes them great distress when you leave the house, separation anxiety could lead them to wrack the house while searching for you, and they just don’t care if they hurt themselves while searching. 

How could I know if my dog is suffering from separation anxiety?

Let me tell you some of the symptoms caused by Separation anxiety, some might look like normal behavior for dogs, but it is not for French Bulldogs. 

Digging, Chewing, escaping from home, howling, barking a lot, eating their own poop, destruction, Urinating, and defecating.

The solution is to give them a treat. And no, not as a treat, but as a toy, something to distract them while you finish your choresBy the time they’ll get used to the idea of you leaving the house with getting a treat. 

Hungry or Thirsty 

Bulldogs usually remind their owners that they’re hungry or thirsty.

They remind them in their own way, crying, yes, it’s doing its best to communicate with you that it is feeling hungry or thirsty, and it’s okay, just give them some food, remember when you fed them, and write it down in feeding calendar. 

They need to go to the bathroom. 

They need to go outside for their bathroom break, as they don’t know how to open doors (they don’t have hands, LOL); they, again, communicate in the only way they know how to communicate, AKA, Crying. 

They need attention 

Most bulldogs cry for attention; Bulldogs are known to be clingy and needy. Right after a gathering or a holiday, they get used to people petting them, and after it’s over, they whine to get it back. 

After a few days, this usually ends right after they get their routine back. I know it’s annoying to hear your bulldog crying and whining most of the time, but give it a few days; it will turn back to normal. 

They feel pain 

If they’re acting differently than they already do, maybe the problem is something more serious than their need for attention. 

They might be in pain, and their whining might be because they’re struggling and are trying to tell you that something is wrong. 

You will be able to tell by their behavior. If they are having trouble moving around normally, are shaking or trembling for no apparent reason, or have problems eating or sleeping as they normally do, then they are probably in pain.

If you can tell that they’re indeed in pain, you should take your bulldog to your vet. 

In any case, do not ignore it; this whining could save your bulldog’s life. 

Bulldogs cry when they’re bored. 

Prepare yourself for some whining, weeping, and crying if you’re planning to leave the house for quite some time; there’s no solution for this one. 

Add some more time for your bulldog to play with, and love them a little more. Some suggest even adopting a second pet to play with while you’re gone, no matter how busy you are! I know, I didn’t think so too. 

Here’s a good idea:

Bulldogs cry at new homes.

If you are a new owner of a French Bulldog, then you need to give them extra love, and make them feel safe, loved, and cared for. 

Usually, the French Bulldog puppy feels scared when you first bring them to a new home; the main reason puppies cry at night is because of separation anxiety or the fear of the unknown, similar to how you may be anxious about sleeping in new places you’re unfamiliar with. 

How to stop your Frenchie from crying? 

You need to figure out what the crying Frenchie needs, make sure you get your bulldog to the toilet, feed them, play with them, and love them extra. If the crying doesn’t stop, and there’s no sign of peeing or pooping, his stomach is full, and their weeping is not caused by pain, get them back to the crate without paying attention to their crying. 

Why do French Bulldogs cry at the crate? 

French Bulldogs cry at the crate if they are lonely, bored, scared, or need to go to the toilet. 

 How to stop your Frenchie from crying in the crate? 

Here are a few solutions that can help your Frenchie stop crying while in the crate. 

The Crate experience

You must make the crate experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible for the bulldog, and you might as well add some toys and treats in there. 

And note that it differs from the French bulldog to the french puppy bulldog, as the puppy will definitely need a few days to get used to the new home, so they’ll cry at least for a couple of days in their crate. 

The crate’s placement matters

The crate placement makes a huge impact on the bulldog’s emotions. Keep it close to you to keep the feeling of loneliness and insecurities away from the bulldog, yes, the bulldog.  

If you can’t keep it close to you at night, at least make sure it’s in a place where the rest of the family comes and goes. 

Size matters. 

Using the right size of the crate matters. If it’s too small, the bulldog will not feel comfortable inside it, and if it’s too big, he might feel lonely. 

Your Frenchie’s crate should be enough for them to stand up and move about but not too big that they can make it a toilet and still find a place to sleep.

Is it the crate or the toilet? 

How will I know if he cries for attention or for the toilet? To be honest, I will just take him to the toilet and try my luck. 

If your bulldog is crying, don’t punish him! 

They won’t recognize the punishment, and it will only make them cry more. Punishment doesn’t work on Frenchies. If anything, it will get them to be scared of you, and they may stop crying for a short term. 

Physical punishment doesn’t work with dogs, and it often backfires with the dog getting more stubborn and more difficult to train. 

Take them to the toilet before the crate. 

Making sure its bladder is empty will decrease the time of crying in its crate. 

Do French Bulldogs cry at night? 

French Bulldogs do cry at night. They do at first when you bring them home because they don’t know you, they don’t know the house you bought them in, and they don’t know what to expect. 

When is a French bulldog crying not normal, and when to seek help?

Dogs can’t speak, can they? As far as we know, if the dog is feeling pain, he will likely wine. 

You’ll probably tell if he’s crying from pain or else, from his attitude, if he’s itching or licking, but the first indicator is whining.

Related Questions 

Do Bulldogs cry tears?

French Bulldogs don’t cry tears, but they do have watery eyes, but not as you think. Dogs have tear ducts just like humans, but they don’t cry with tears. 

So what about the watery eyes we see? It could be caused by blocked tear ducts, infections, irritants in the eye, or even a scratched cornea. 

Do French Bulldogs scream? 

French Bulldogs can and do scream in really small amounts of screams. It is caused by over-excitement, fear, or tiredness. 

Are French Bulldogs very vocal? 

French Bulldogs are very vocal. They definitely can make a statement, they could bark unstoppably to seek attention, and they also bark out of feeling playful, frustrated, or alarmed. 

They can make other voices, like snoring, snorting, whining, whimpering, and crying. 

What is “Soft palate surgery”? 

The soft palate is the tissue between your bulldog’s mouth and nose. It causes snoring, it is easily remedied with a simple procedure, and it actually will improve your bulldog’s quality of life. Talk to your vet about this procedure. 

How to stop my bulldog from barking? 

Don’t give the bulldog a reaction to barking if you want them to stop. If you give your bulldog a reaction when they bark, they will continue doing the same, seeking a similar reaction in the future, so ignore them. They will get bored once they realize that barking doesn’t give them what they want. 

How to make my bulldog quiet? 

You can make your bulldog learn to be quiet by teaching them to speak first. How is that? 

When you teach a dog to speak early, once you ask them to speak and they’ve braked at you, order them to “quiet” and hold a treat in front of them with your hand. Once they stop barking, give them the treat. Over time they will learn to be quiet when asked. 

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