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Do French Bulldogs Hold Grudges? - Bulldogcorner

So, Do French Bulldogs hold grudges? French bulldogs do not hold grudges. They have short-term memory which means they do not have the capacity to recall bad

French Bulldogs might be small in size but they have big personalities. They are sensitive animals and can experience a wide range of emotions. However, these emotions do not exactly work like human emotions.

Pet parents might notice that their dog is mad at them because of a certain situation they experienced in the past, so they assume that the dog will continue to remember that situation and is actually holding a grudge.

So, Do French Bulldogs hold grudges? French bulldogs do not hold grudges. They have short-term memory which means they do not have the capacity to recall bad memories. However, they tend to make negative associations with certain situations which can lead to a behavior that may be perceived as “holding a grudge.”

Keep reading to learn more about the French Bulldog’s temperament and how to correctly discipline to prevent them from forming any negative associations.

What You Need to Know About the French Bulldog’s Temperament

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French Bulldogs are sensitive and emotional animals. They have great personalities which makes them excellent companions to a lot of families.

They are known to be energetic, smart, and loyal. With proper training and socialization early on in their life, they will grow up to be friendly, social, and affectionate.

However, if they are not trained and socialized properly, there is the risk of developing aggressive tendencies. That is because these dogs are also territorial and protective which means they will become aggressive if they feel provoked or threatened.

Do French Bulldogs Hold Grudges?

You might feel like your dog is mad at you because you refused to give it its favorite toy or because you made it take a bath. It might seem like the dog is holding a grudge against you because it remembers what you did.

According to various studies, French Bulldogs cannot actually hold grudges but that doesn’t mean they do not experience negative emotions in certain situations.

That is because these dogs have associative memories, which means they react to different people, places, and experiences based on the associations they make related to them.

The associations made will be positive when they are related to a situation where the dog was happy and content or they will be negative when they are related to a situation where the dog is upset or mad.

Negative associations often lead to the dog developing certain behaviors that may be perceived as a “holding grudge.”

Do French Bulldogs Remember Bad Things That Happened to Them?

French Bulldogs have short-term, episodic memories and they tend to forget most events very soon after they happen. So, they won’t have the capacity to recall any specific memories of bad things happening to them.

However, that doesn’t mean French Bulldogs do not behave based on previous negative emotions. As mentioned before, they tend to react based on the associations they made about people, places, and experiences.

So, French Bulldogs might seem to “remember” bad things that happened to them, and if they encounter the same situation again they are likely to avoid it or act out.

What Are the Signs of Negative Associations in Bulldogs?

There are a few signs that you can look out for to determine if your dog has formed any negative associations.

In most cases, negative associations will manifest as stress and fear. You will notice that your dog is often trembling or shaking. Its posture will also be cowering or crouched with its ears will be pulled back and its tail between its legs.

The negative associations might also induce avoidance as your dog will start avoiding people, places, or things that it used to enjoy and seemed happy around before.

In more severe cases, the negative associations will manifest as aggressive behavior. Your dog will growl or bark when it is approached by certain people, in specific situations. This aggressive behavior will escalate resulting in your dog attacking or biting if it’s not removed from the situation immediately.

If you do notice any of these behaviors, do not discipline your dog harshly because the aggressive behavior might get worse. Instead, you need to be patient and work on correcting the dog’s behavior through positive associations while using gentle training techniques to help reinforce what you are trying to teach your pet.

Disciplining your French Bulldog might be tricky and challenging, especially if the dog is old or if the negative associations have been reinforced over a long time, but it’s not impossible to do.

What Is the Best Technique to Discipline French Bulldogs?

The best technique to discipline French Bulldogs and correct their behavior is to use positive reinforcement.

This technique involves identifying the thing that motivates your dog the most, whether it’s treats, toys, or words of praise, then using that thing to get your dog to continue displaying desired behaviors.

Keep in mind that positive reinforcement should be used when you want your dog to make positive associations in certain situations and only as a result of good behavior.

You can learn more about how to discipline your dog in my guide to training your bulldog not to bite here.

Related Questions

Do French Bulldogs Get Jealous?

French Bulldogs might get jealous if they feel that they are not receiving enough attention from their pet parents and they might act out based on the feeling. Keep in mind that all dogs can feel a wide range of emotions although these emotions do not always work the same way human emotions do.  

Are French Bulldogs Good with Other Pets?

French Bulldogs can be good with other pets, but it also depends on how well they were socialized.  If they were introduced to other pets from a young age, they will likely get along just fine. However, if they are not introduced to other pets until later in life, they might get aggressive or territorial.

Would French Bulldogs Attack Their Owners?

French Bulldogs will not attack their owners unless they were provoked. With proper training and socialization, these dogs will be very loyal and affectionate with their family. However, if they were abused or felt any threat, they would become aggressive and might attack in self-defense.

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