Do French Bulldogs Like Kisses? How Your Dog Actually Feels About’em

Dogs show affection differently, which makes us all wonder whether they understand it when we show them affection or not. Kisses have long been a sign of affection amongst people. Do dogs, on the other hand, feel and comprehend when you kiss them? We kiss but dogs lick to show love.

So Do French Bulldogs like Kisses? French Bulldogs like Kisses and tolerate them from their owners. Some Frenchies may grow to connect kisses with affection and care, and many dogs enjoy receiving kisses from their loved ones. Hugging and kissing are unfortunately some of the most prevalent causes of dog attacks on the face.

Continue reading to learn if French Bulldogs enjoy kisses, whether they comprehend kisses, and how they express affection.

Do French Bulldogs Like Kisses? 

woman kissing dog to answer do french bulldogs like kisses

There’s evidence that dogs may learn to recognize and appreciate kisses.

The boost in oxytocin levels in dogs who were regularly kissed by their owners was the most notable discovery. oxytocin is a hormone linked to happiness and affection.

In other words, dogs that had their owners kiss them had greater amounts of the “feel-good” hormone. This indicates that dogs are likely to comprehend and appreciate human kisses to some extent.

Of course, not every dog enjoys being kissed. That is why it is preferable to pair your kisses with something they like, such as treats, chews, or toys, in order to demonstrate that this is a loving action. 

This will teach your dog to like receiving kisses from you. They may come to connect kisses with their human companion’s attention and proximity, which makes them happy.

When you kiss your dog, pay attention to his or her body language. It’s best not to kiss them if they’re tight, have raised hackles, are flashing their teeth, or look anxious.

There are lots of other ways to show your dog affection without stressing them out if they don’t like kissing.

14 Ways Your French Bulldogs Show Affection: 

  1. Joining you in bed

When a French Bulldog wants to get up close and personal with you and fall asleep with you, you know they adore you.

Because Frenchies are clinging dogs, it’s better not to allow this behavior to get out of hand if it’s giving you problems, but it’s still a sweet show of their love and devotion to you.

sleeping close to you indicates that they not only trust you and see you as a safe person, but also that they regard you as family.

  1. Sloppy face kisses

Frenchies will cheerfully give you huge, sloppy kisses as a way of expressing their love for you. Although you may wish to teach your dog out of this behavior, especially if they have a tendency of leaping up and licking your mouth, it is still a clear sign that they love and respect you.

  1. Yawning

If you’ve ever seen someone yawning when you’re yawning, it’s a biological response induced by biological empathy that causes contagious yawning. If your Frenchie yawns with you, it’s just another way for them to show you how much they love and trust you.

  1. Puppy eyes

When you make eye contact with your pet dog, the love hormone oxytocin is released, not just in your brain, but also in your dog’s brain.

With those lovely puppy dog eyes looking up at you, Frenchies can convey their affection.

  1. Following you

You’ll notice that once you’ve gained your Frenchie’s trust, they’ll start following you about like a shadow, trailing behind you. With time, your little Frenchie will want to follow you around everywhere.

If your Frenchie follows you about, it’s because they find comfort in your company, and it’s also a method for them to guard you in their own way.

  1. Wigglytails

A wagging tail is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous indications of dog pleasure and affection. Because of their short tails, this is a little more subtle in Frenchies, but they will still show it in their own unique manner.

The tail of an enthusiastic Frenchie will wiggle or shake when they welcome you, rather than wagging from side to side as other breeds do.

  1. They’ll bring you toys.

If your Frenchie is always giving you toys, this is another way they are expressing their love and devotion for you. If kids insist on bringing you their favorite toy, this is especially true.

“I brought you my favorite toy, please love me even more!” they say.

This is also a sign that they want to share their toys with you in the hopes that you will like them as much as they do.

  1. Eyebrows

This is a more subtle clue, but the next time you go into a room with your Frenchie, look for those expressive eyebrows; it’s a clear sign that they adore you.

  1. Jumping up and down

Although many owners will teach their dogs to avoid this habit, leaping up is still a method for your Frenchie to demonstrate affection and joy to see you again.

  1. Sighing

Despite the fact that French Bulldogs do not bark much, they are extremely loud, and will make a variety of distinctive noises that will give you some idea of how they are feeling.

A satisfied gesture or quiet sigh, followed by half-closed eyelids and them relaxing into a more comfortable position, is one sound that signals your Frenchie is delighted to be with you.

  1. Grinning

The French have the ability to grin! They are still beaming, even if it isn’t the big smile.

  1. leaning in and snuggling with you.

A dog may lean on you for a variety of reasons, all of which reflect confidence and devotion. Your Frenchie may lean on you because they’re worried about meeting a new person or being in a new situation, but it’s also because they trust you and view you as someone who can protect and soothe them.

French Bulldogs are affectionate and enjoy getting up close and personal with their owners. They might simply be depending on you for the sake of being close to you.

  1. Nudging

This one is a little less frequent, but it may be another nice way for your Frenchie to express their love and demonstrate how much they care about you.

They may nudge you if they want you to pay attention to them or do anything for them. This is especially true if you’ve just completed showering them with attention and they respond with a little nudge – it’s their way of urging you to keep going!

  1. Rolling over

Rolling over for a good tummy rub is another way your Frenchie may show you attention and devotion.

This is more likely to happen if you’ve already shown them attention, but in either case, this playful display of surrender is a tremendous compliment since it indicates they trust you enough to disclose their most sensitive areas.

Is licking like kissing? 

Licking is a dog’s way of showing love; It’s quite likely that your dog is kissing you because it adores you! It’s for this reason that they’re commonly referred to as “kisses.” Licking people and other dogs is a common way for dogs to express affection.

If a dog does not lick, it does not always imply it is less loving. It might just have learned things differently as a puppy or simply dislike licking.

Dogs may lick for a variety of reasons, including:

You Have an Interesting Flavor:

 Once that dog starts licking you, it may find you have an interesting taste. Anything with a unique flavor appeals to dogs. Licking also allows your dog to investigate his surroundings. After all, you are a part of that universe.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Dogs

 Although uncommon, dogs can develop an obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is typically triggered by prolonged stress and anxiety. Constant licking (which generally includes licking of items, surfaces, and oneself in addition to persons) can be a serious problem.


Licking activity that starts off as affection is frequently reinforced by a person’s reaction: laughing, smiling, caressing, and so on. Perhaps your dog is bored or lonely, and he is begging for your attention.

Natural Instinct

Some people believe that this licking activity is handed down down the generations in dogs’ DNA, causing them to perform it automatically on occasion.

Related Questions 

Do French Bulldogs understand when you kiss them? 

French Bulldogs understand when you kiss them; dogs learn to link kisses with good things like a kind tone, treats, toys. As a result, they’ll react accordingly, and once they’ve gotten used to kisses and hugs, they’ll frequently return the affection in their own doggie manner.

Do French Bulldogs love their owners? 

French bulldogs love their owners; this is a breed that is prone to separation anxiety due to its strong attachment to its owners. Any family will enjoy having a French Bulldog as a member. They are true companion dogs who thrive on human interaction.

Are French Bulldogs Affectionate?

French Bulldogs are affectionate; Frenchies are loving, sociable dogs that were designed to be friends. They get along well with other dogs and don’t bark excessively. To show their affection, Frenchies will cuddle you and follow you around.

You can learn why are French bulldogs friendly and affectionate here.

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