French Bulldogs Bat Ears Vs. Rose Ears [Explained Simply]

French Bulldogs’ features make this breed unique such as their small noses, cute round eyes, and lovely ears. However, people always wonder if French Bulldogs have bat or rose ears since they can often be seen with either of them, which often confuses most French Bulldogs lovers.

So, do French Bulldogs have bat Ears or rose Ears? French Bulldogs have bat ears. They used to have rose ears until the American Kennel Club decided that rose ears do not fit the breed standard for French Bulldogs. There are still some French Bulldogs with rose ears, however, they’re not considered purebred.

Continue reading to learn more about French Bulldogs’ bat ears vs rose ears and what you can know about your Frenchie from their ears.

French Bulldogs Bat Ears Vs. Rose Ears

a photo of French Bulldogs Bat Ears Vs. Rose Ears

Let’s start by comparing bat and rose ears, so you can fully know the difference between the two of them.

Rose ears are folded back, so you can see a part inside their ears that looks like rose petals, and you can see it on breeds such as greyhounds, Australian Shepherds, Bulldogs, Collies, and pugs. Also, rose ears can increase the risk of some health issues because they are prone to developing infections since the bacteria, moisture, and dirt can get trapped in the ear canal.

On the other hand, bat ears are large and fully upright, making a v-shape on their heads, dogs with bat ears can hear better than dogs with rose ears.

Many dogs have bat ears, such as French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Corgis, Alaskan Malamute, Basenji, and German Shepherds. 

At the very beginning of French Bulldogs, they can be seen with rose ears until the American breeders found it a disqualifying characteristic for a French Bulldog to have rose ears.

So, when American Kennel Club started to put the breed standard, they decided that bat ears were the standard for French Bulldogs.

So any French Bulldog with rose ears will not be considered a purebred, so technically, you can still find Frenchies with rose ears, but they will be disqualified from the AKC and can’t participate in any dog show.

Are French Bulldogs Born With Rose Ears?

French Bulldogs are not born with rose ears; they are born with floppy ears that turn to bat ears as they mature. So, in other words, they are born with bat ears, but their ears didn’t reach the final form yet, it usually takes a few weeks for their ears to go straight up, but it depends on how fast your Frenchie is maturing.

What Are Pros And Cons Of Bat Ears For French Bulldogs?

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of bat ears for Frenchies.

The Pros

  • Dogs with bat ears hear better than dogs with rose ears. 
  • They are less prone to developing ear infections.
  • Dogs with bat ears tend to have better air circulation inside their ears.

The Cons

There is one con; people seem to be more frightened of dogs with bat or upright ears; however, all dogs are friendly and lovable with the right dog owners.

What Can You Know About Your Frenchie From Their Ears?

You can know a lot about your Frenchie from their ears; your French Bulldog can’t reach out to you to tell you how they feel.

However, they will let you know with their body language, and all you need to do is pay attention to them; you can know whether your dog is scared, happy, or even in pain just by noticing the changes in your dog.

So here is everything you need to know about the little changes in your Frenchie’s ears.

  • If you see that your French Bulldog has his ears back and his ears seem smaller than usual, it means that they are scared.
  • If their ears are slightly pointed outward, then your Frenchie is excited.
  • French Bulldogs tend to hold their ears straight up when they are curious.
  • When your French Bulldog suddenly has attentive ears, something is alarming them.
  • If your French Bulldog stands up, leaning forward, and pointing their ears toward somewhere with a sound, they are trying to listen; it’s called the sonar ears.
  • If their ears are standing entirely straight up while playing or trying to hunt something, that’s an indication that they are about to chase something.

How To Clean Your French Bulldog’s Bat Ears?

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you correctly clean your French Bulldog’s bat ears to prevent bacteria or infection.

  • Before settling down and preparing your Frenchie, you must prepare all the tools you will use.
  • You will need a cotton ball, moist cloth, ear solution that is made specifically for dogs, dry cloth, and treats.
  • First, you must sit on the floor with your Frenchie on your lap.
  • Start applying the solution on the wet cloth and gently wipe their ears; wipe the visible areas first.
  • Apply the solution to the cotton ball until it’s all moist, wipe inside of their ears lightly, and don’t go too deep (don’t go near their ear canal).
  • Use the cotton ball to clean the visible areas of their ear again, and allow your Frenchie to shake his head to let out any solution that dripped inside of their ears.
  • After letting your French Bulldog shake his head, you can use the dry cloth to wipe their ears one last time because when they shake their head, some debris and dirt will get out as well, so make sure to dry their ears entirely with the dry cloth.

Here is a video that shows how to clean dog Ears:

How Often Should You Clean French Bulldog Ears?

You should clean your French Bulldog’s ears at least once a month; after every bath, you should at least wipe their ears gently with a cotton ball; also, make sure to check inside their ears every week for any redness odor or any indication for ear infection.

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Related Questions

At What Age Do French Bulldogs Ears Stand Up?

French Bulldogs’ ears stand up around five weeks, and they can be as late as fifteen weeks old. It can vary from one dog to another; however, it’s only a matter of time; they won’t have floppy ears forever. 

Why Does My French Bulldog Have Pointed Ears? 

Most French bulldogs have pointed ears or known as bat ears, but they are born with floppy ears that go up as they mature; your puppy will have floppy from five to fifteen weeks; however, they can take more time than that because it varies from one puppy to another.

How to Tell What Kind Of Ears Your Puppy Will Have?

You can tell what kind of ears your puppy will have by their parent breed; if both parents have the same type of ears, then your puppy is most likely to have the same kind of ear; you can also check where their ears are, for example, if their ears are high on their head, they will have upright ears. 

What Dog Breeds Have Bat Ears?

Here is a list of dogs with bat ears:

  1. French Bulldogs
  2. Chihuahuas
  3. Siberian Husky 
  4. Yorkshire Terrier 
  5. Shiba Inu 
  6. Pomeranian 
  7. Boston Terrier 
  8. Corgi 
  9. Chow Chow
  10. German Shepherd

What Dog Breeds Has Rose Ears?

Here is a list of dogs with rose ears:

  1. Australian Shepherd 
  2. Bulldog 
  3. Boxers 
  4. Collies 
  5. Anatolian Shepherd Dog
  6. Brazilian Terrier 
  7. Estrela Mountain Dog
  8. Greyhound 
  9. Parson Russell
  10. Pugs 

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