How to Clean Bulldog Wrinkles? A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are a Bulldog owner, then you need to pay attention to the dog’s hygiene, which includes cleaning its wrinkles. This will help prevent any further skin problems that might develop if you ignore cleaning it regularly and thoroughly.

So, let’s give the quick version of the answer to your question first;

How to clean Bulldog wrinkles? To clean the Bulldog’s wrinkles, use a wet cloth or unscented wipes to gently scrub in between the wrinkle’s folds. It’s recommended to clean the dog’s wrinkles every day because food and dirt can easily get stuck between the folds of the wrinkles causing infection and irritation on the dog’s skin.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of cleaning your Bulldog’s wrinkles, how to clean them, and how to prevent infections from developing on the dog’s skin.

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Bulldog’s Face and Wrinkles?

Cleaning your Bulldog’s face and wrinkles is important because wrinkles are one of defining characteristics of Bulldogs, and you need to pay attention to them just like any other part of the dog’s body.

More importantly, wrinkles are basically folds, which means they are most often dark and moist making them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Bulldogs are such messy eaters and players, so the food and dirt are easily stuck and build up between the folds of the wrinkles, which will make their skin more prone to infections and irritation as the bacteria accumulates between the wrinkle folds.

These skin problems are more prone to increase during summer, the uncleaned wrinkles cause a bad odor, and the skin gets more infected due to the hot weather and humidity.

Also, the shedding process makes the hair stuck between the folds with the dead skin cells making it super exposed to skin problems like irritation, itch, redness, skin fold Dermatitis, skin fold Pyodermas, and skin fold Yeast Dermatitis.

So, cleaning your Bulldog’s face and wrinkles every day will help prevent all these problems, keep the dog’s skin healthy, and will save time and effort of treatment if the dog gets infected. 

How Often to Clean Your Bulldog’s Wrinkles? 

It’s recommended to clean your Bulldog’s wrinkles every day to avoid any irritations or infections in the long run.

However, the frequency of cleaning your Bulldog’s wrinkles depends on his skin condition. If your Bulldog is infected, it’s recommended to clean its wrinkles twice a day. 

Some bulldog owners might clean their dog’s wrinkles just a couple of times a week, and it’s enough for their dog and works well with them.

How to Clean Bulldog Wrinkles? 

a photo of a bulldog in the bath to show how to clean bulldog wrinkles

Cleaning your Bulldog’s wrinkles is so easy and doesn’t require much time, but it does require consistency if you want to prevent the problems from ever happening.

First, you need to be prepared, so let’s start with the stuff you need for cleaning, then we will discuss the steps of cleaning, drying, and moisturizing your Bulldog’s wrinkles and face.

What Will You Need to Clean a Bulldog’s Face?

To clean your Bulldog’s face, you need non-scented wipes or baby wipes and a washcloth. If your Bulldog has infections in his skin, you will need a gentle shampoo with germicidal properties.

For the non-fragrance wipes, I totally recommend using Earth Rated Dog Wipes.

  • It’s so gentle and can be used on sensitive and irritated skins as many times as you need, as it’s sulfate-free.
  • Also, it works as a moisturizer for the skin because it’s all-natural and contains shea butter, aloe, and chamomile.
  • It’s also portable and easy to take with you anywhere.

If your Bulldog’s skin is irritated, You should get a medicated Shampoo for it and not use normal dog shampoos as they may make things worse.

I highly recommend Veterinary Formula Shampoo, which is an amazing antiparasitic and antiseborrheic medicated Shampoo for dogs.

  • Its effect on the dog’s skin is so fast! It works on relieving and healing itch, greasy skin, red, irritated skin, bald areas, and flaky skin. It also works on healing mange, parasitic, and infections.
  • It’s safe and gentle for dogs aged over 12 weeks.
  • It’s affordable and super effective.
  • It does not have any side effects

Finally, for a soft, smooth, and gentle washcloth, go check this amazing microfiber drying towel. It’s super-absorbent, fast-drying, and gentle on the dog’s skin.

How to Clean Your Bulldog’s Face Step-by-Step?

Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you clean your Bulldog’s face easily and effectively. You can follow these steps every day as part of the dog’s regular grooming routine.

  1. Use non-scented wipes and gently wipe away the food, dirt, and saliva from the wrinkles. 
  2. Focus on the deep wrinkles on the nose while cleaning, as it collects more dirt and germs.
  3. Be careful, avoid the eye area, and don’t put so much pressure while cleaning wrinkles, as it can damage your Bulldog’s skin.
  4. If your Bulldog’s skin is already irritated, use a shampoo with germicidal properties and rub it on your dog’s wrinkles, then rinse with water.
  5. Now, it’s time to dry your Bulldog’s face and wrinkles. Use a gentle, dry towel and pass it gently between his wrinkles’ folds.
  6. You can also dry your Bulldog’s wrinkles and face with a blow-dryer on a “cool” setting. Hold the folds and dry in between them.
  7. The moisturizer step is essential, but it should be used in a very small amount to prevent the infections of excessive moisturizing. Use a small amount of Vaseline or mild ointment on your dog’s wrinkles to prevent the skin from being red and itchy from frequent washing and cleaning.
  8. And finally, don’t forget to give your Bulldog a treat after finishing the cleaning to encourage him to stay calm during it.

How to Check for Infections In Your Bulldog’s face? 

There are some signs that indicate that there are infections in your Bulldog’s face and skin, which are:

  1. Redness is the first sign developed when there is an infection, and it is often accompanied by dry skin. Check within the folds of your Bulldog to recognize it earlier.
  2. A stinky smell is another sign of infection. Bulldog’s body will give off an odd odor accompanied by infection. But this odor is coming from the folds of the wrinkles, not the breath.
  3. Rubbing is also a sign of infection. You will recognize that your dog is rubbing their face or body, whether by their paw or rubbing themselves against furniture or the ground. 

And here are the common places in your Bulldog’s body that are the most prone to getting infected:

  • Skin folds
  • Face wrinkles
  • Tail pockets and folds
  • Around the armpits
  • Paws

How to Treat Infections in Bulldogs?

When you see signs of infection on your Bulldog, it can be quickly treated if you follow the steps of treating it correctly and be consistent with doing it.

Because consistency is the key to healing, don’t ever skip cleaning and treating the infection in your Bulldog’s wrinkles. Neglecting it would lead to many more skin problems, and the skin condition will eventually get worse.

Here are the 6 steps you should follow to treat your Bulldog’s infected skin:

  • Gently clean the infected area gently with fragrance-free dog wipes, or you can use baby wipes too, and make sure that you clean it perfectly.
  • Dry the skin right after cleaning it because we don’t want to trap excess moisture between the wrinkles. You can use a microfiber towel for drying; it’s more gentle on the infected skin. 
  • Apply a protective cream like wrinkle paste on the infected areas to make sure that those areas stay free of irritation. The protective creams help in fighting bacteria and excessive moisture between folds of wrinkles and help in soothing the irritation too.
  • Check your Bulldog’s irritated skin frequently to make sure that there is progress and that nothing is getting worse.
  • There are wrinkles at the end of their eyes that contains most of the tears. So it’s necessary to clean this area gently by wiping it or combing it out using a flea comb. But don’t be harsh while combing as it can cause the bacteria or the debris to get stuck more inside the wrinkles.
  • Repeat these steps twice a day to see the results and prevent more infections.

If the infections keep getting worse, take your dog to a vet to get more effective treatment. Sometimes there are other causes and types of infections that happen to your dogs that you can’t control by yourself. 

To learn more about skin infections in bulldogs, you should definitely check out this guide to hives on bulldogs here where I discuss the causes, early signs, symptoms, and treatments of skin infections in bulldogs and how to prevent them from happening to your dog.

How to Prevent Infections in Bulldogs? 

Here are some tips to prevent future infections in your Bulldog’s skin:

  • You can avoid your Bulldog’s skin being irritated by washing his skin with antibacterial shampoos that are specially made for dogs with infected and sensitive skin. You can ask your vet to recommend a suitable one for your dog.
  • Never skip drying your dog’s skin after washing or cleaning it.
  • Apply moisturizer in a small amount to avoid the bad consequences of excessive moisturizing.
  • Avoid using dry paper towels and scrubbing your Bulldog’s skin as they cause irritation and redness.
  • Visit the vet every now and then to check your Bulldog’s skin and see if there is an early sign of infection, so you can heal it earlier and save your money and effort.
  • You can also reduce the infection by monitoring your dog’s weight. When your Bulldog gets more fat, the wrinkles in his body get deeper. So you can check with the vet if you notice that your dog’s weight is getting increased.
  • Add omega 3 supplements to your Bulldog’s meals after asking your vet about the suitable amount. Omega-3 is great for your Bulldog as it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that work well with the dog’s skin.

Related Questions 

Can You Use Coconut Oil on Your Bulldog’s Wrinkles?

You can use coconut oil on your Bulldog’s wrinkles. Using coconut oil will help moisturize the skin and prevent it from becoming dry or irritated. It will also keep the skin fresh and glowy. You can apply the oil between the folds of the wrinkles right after cleaning and drying them.

Can You Use Apple Cider Vinegar On Your Bulldog’s Wrinkles? 

You can use apple cider vinegar on your Bulldog’s wrinkles. It is an effective and safe way to clean the wrinkles and prevent any infections. You need to mix some water with the apple cider vinegar, then put it directly on your Bulldog’s wrinkles with cotton or a Q-tip. This should be applied only twice a week.

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