9 Movies With French Bulldogs You Must Watch (But Don’t Know)

Do you love French Bulldogs? So do we! And what could be better than watching a movie with one by your side?

In this blog post, we will check out some of the best movies that have French Bulldogs. These films are sure to make you laugh and fall in love with these adorable dogs all over again. 

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some good old-fashioned cinema with your furry friend by your side!

Here’s a list of movies with French Bulldogs:

  1. Due Date
  2. Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
  3. The Rental
  4. Grace Stirs Up Success
  5. Bringing Down The House
  6. Entourage 
  7. Slightly Single In L.A.
  8. The Ladies Next Door
  9. Without Me

Now, let’s talk about each movie in more detail:

Due Date (2010)

a photo of a poster of one of  the movies with French Bulldogs

Due Date is one of the most famous movies that have French bulldogs as the main character, and may I say, he killed it.

The movie is about a businessman whose wife is expecting. He’s in Atlanta and needs to head heading home, but he gets kicked off the plane because of his seatmate. So, he has to go through many obstacles to make it in time for his childbirth on time and ends up trying to hitch a ride with his seatmate.

The cast of this movie includes Starring Robert Downey Jr, Zach Galifianakis, Michelle Monaghan, Jamie Foxx, and the famous French Bulldog, Sunny.

It’s a light and funny movie that you can enjoy watching with your French Bulldog. If you don’t have one, then maybe watching this movie will get you to consider it.

Check out the trailer for Due Date here to get a better idea of what it’s about.

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

The Fast & Furious franchise doesn’t need an introduction, of course. However, you don’t need to watch the entire franchise to enjoy this spin-off

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw has a different storyline and it’s not related to the other movies in the franchise.

The movie is about Hobbs and an outcast Shaw, two people who don’t like each other very much, forming an unlikely alliance in order to save the future of humanity from a cyber-genetically enhanced villain.

The cast of the movie includes Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Vanessa Kirby, and Helen Mirren. The Frenchie appearing in the movie happens to be Dwayne Johnson’s own dog.

It’s a fun action-filled movie that you can watch with your family and French Bulldog if you want. Keep in mind that, as you would expect from an F&F movie, this movie will have fast-paced action sequences which means a lot of sudden light noises and explosions, so you may want to keep an eye on your Frenchie. You should check out this guide on how to calm your French Bulldog in case the noises and lights freak them out.

Check out the trailer for Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw to get a better idea of what it’s about.

The Rental (2020)

If you are a fan of horror and mystery movies, then The Rental is the one for you.

This movie is about two couples on an oceanside getaway. They start to grow suspicious of their host because they have a feeling that the host is spying on them, so their whole getaway turns into a nightmare instead of being enjoyable and celebratory.

Some secrets start to be exposed when four old friends come to see each other and start to see each other from a different perspective. 

The cast of the movie includes Dan Stevens, Alison Brie, Sheila Vand, Jeremy Allen White, and of course, a cute French Bulldog who’s the highlight of the movie.

Check out the trailer for The Rental to get a better idea of what it’s about.

An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success (2015)

This movie is more suitable for younger audiences. If you like fun movies that remind you of your childhood or if you have children, then An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success is the one for you.

It’s about this young girl named Grace who’s really excited about the summer because she wants to start a business with her friend, however, her mom suddenly announces that she’s going on a trip to Paris where she has to meet and along with her French cousin.

After her whole plan gets messed up due to the sudden changes, she finds new inspiration for her business in Paris, but there are more obstacles along the way and she’ll have to face them with her new friends.

The cast of the movie includes Olivia Rodrigo, Virginia Madsen, Caitlin Carmichael, and Karen Strassman. The Frenchie in this movie is actually one of the main characters.

Check out the trailer for An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success to get a better idea of what it’s about.

Bringing Down The House (2003)

Bringing Down the House is another comedy classic that you will definitely enjoy watching with friends or family.

The story is about a divorced attorney who is still in love with his ex-wife and can’t figure out why she left him. As he tries to move on, he starts to chat online with a smart woman who is also a really good lawyer.

When they finally decide to meet face to face, he realizes she has been lying about her identity and that she isn’t a lawyer. Instead, she is a prison escapee who is trying to prove her innocence and wants him to help her.

The cast of this movie includes Steve Martin, Queen Latifah, Eugene Levy, Joan Plowright, Jean Smart, and a really adorable French Bulldog named Linus.

Check out the trailer for Bringing Down the House to get a better idea of what it’s about.

Slightly Single in L.A. (2013)

Slightly Single in L.A. is a lighthearted rom-com movie that you’ll enjoy watching.

It’s about a girl named Dale who has a sassy, cool, and free-spirited personality. She is single and lives in the glitzy metropolis of Los Angeles.

Dale comes to the conclusion that finding a significant relationship in Los Angeles is impossible after several failed attempts at quasi-relationships.

When Zach, a famous heartthrob rock star and Dale’s old buddy, resurfaces in her life, she begins to believe that finding love in L. A. might be possible. 

The cast of the movie includes Lacey Chabert, Jenna Dewan, Kip Pardue, Carly Schroeder, Jonathan Bennett, plus another adorable Frenchie.

Check out the trailer for Slightly Single in L.A.  to get a better idea of what it’s about.

The Ladies Next Door (2016)

The entire story of this short movie is about a French Bulldog.

The main character is Marbeth, who is in her eighties, has been a dog lover since she was a young girl and her granddaughter wants to have a French bulldog for her birthday.

Due to the high cost of the French Bulldog, Marbeth and her friends try to find a way to get it for her granddaughter

The cast of the movie includes Sheila Mudd Baker, Hank Brock, Millie Browner, Bob Elkins, And Amy Goodwin.

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