What Papers Do You Get with Your French Bulldog? & Why You Need Them

Many French Bulldog owners don’t pay attention to the documents their dog needs, although they are necessary, and some are even required by the law. As a responsible owner, you need to know all about the papers you get with your dog.

So, what papers do you get with your French Bulldog? The papers you get with your French Bulldog include a contract for purchase, birth certificate, registration papers, pedigree, license, and identification card. Some papers are not always mandatory, such as the health card and passport.

Keep reading to learn more about the papers you get with your French Bulldog and why they’re important.

How to Know if Your French Bulldog is Purebred?

a photo of a purebred bulldog to show what papers you should get with it

You can know if your French Bulldog is purebred by checking the dog’s physical appearance, and important to see if it matches the breed’s official standard.

Let’s break down all the factors you need to consider about the dog’s physical appearance and temperament to help you determine if it’s purebred.

Based on the Dog’s Body

Here are the main body features of a purebred French Bulldog that you should recognize.

  • Size – They are relatively small in size. Their average weight ranges from 16 to 28 pounds, while their height ranges from 11 to 12 inches.
  • Ears – French Bulldog ears are very distinctive as they’re similar in shape to a bat’s ears. They are wide-based with rounded tips. Their ears also stand up high over the dog’s head. 
  • Eyes – Most purebred French Bulldogs are characterized by dark eyes that are almost black. However, there are some Frenchies that have slightly light brown eyes.
  • Tail – Purebred french bulldogs have short tails. Their tails can be straight or screwed, but they’re all short.
  • Overall Build – Purebred French bulldogs are very distinctive when it comes to their build. They are characterized by having muscular, short, and rounded bodies, yet they’re still considered slimmer compared to English Bulldogs.

Based on the Dog’s Coat

The French Bulldog’s coat is very special and comes in several colors and patterns. Let’s see what you should recognize regarding their coat to make sure that the dog is purebred.

  • Fur – The main special feature of a purebred French bulldog is its short fur. In addition, their coats are always smooth and soft with a low shedding frequency.
  • Color – Most purebred French bulldogs are characterized by their light-colored coats. They come in various colors, including white, cream, tan, and fawn
  • Pattern – French Bulldogs are mostly white or cream. However, these colors form a specific pattern. The common pattern that you will mostly see in a French bulldog is white markings, black shading, and black spots.

Based on Temperament

French bulldogs are super affectionate, sociable, energetic, obedient, very loyal to their owners, and have a very high level of patience. They enjoy exercising, playing around, and being the center of attention.

They don’t bark a lot, but they are usually attentive and alert. They might not be the best as guard dogs, but they are excellent as family pets as they’re good with children and other dogs.

What Papers Do You Get with Your French Bulldog? And Why Are They Important?

The papers you get with your French Bulldog are important for many reasons, as each paper serves a certain purpose that contributes to the dog’s well-being.

So, let’s take a closer look at these papers and why they’re important:

The Birth Certificate

The birth certificate proves that the dog is registered and identifies the dog’s origin.

It must include the family tree of your French Bulldog for 3 generations and general information you need to know about them, such as their gender, size, and color.

The Pedigree

The pedigree explains the genetic background of the dog and proves that it comes from a pure bloodline. So, you must always ask the breeder to provide the pedigree before purchasing the dog.

The Identification Card

This is the most important document to have as it proves the French Bulldog is yours and that you are its only owner. This way, no one can steal your dog or lie about its ownership. 

The Electronic Chip

The electronic ship contains all the necessary information about your French Bulldog. It’s placed under the dog’s skin and can be read by a special device.

The Health Card

The health card has all the information about your French Bulldog’s medical history, including vaccines, medication, operations, and allergies.

It’s if you’re taking your dog to a new vet as it will help them learn about its medical health history quickly.


A passport is very important if you tend to travel outside the country with your dog. It contains all the information about your dog and about you as an owner. 

Should You Get A French Bulldog Puppy Without Papers? 

It’s not recommended to get a French Bulldog puppy without papers as they’re necessary to prove that the dog was bred ethically and comes from a pure bloodline.

All breeders are required by law to provide the papers for the dogs they sell. If the breeder you’re dealing with tries to charge you full price for a puppy without papers, then it’s recommended to find another breeder.

If you are looking to breed French Bulldogs yourself, you should also learn how to get those papers yourself. You can learn more about the papers needed for breeding French Bulldogs here.

Related Questions 

Are French Bulldogs Recognized by Kennel Clubs? 

French Bulldogs are recognized by kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the United Kennel Club (UKC). This means that French Bulldogs can get registered with these clubs if they meet the official breed standard requirements.

What Is the Official Breed Standard for French Bulldog?

The official breed standard for French Bulldogs includes having bat-shaped ears, flat faces, short muzzles, undershot jaws, low rounded chests, and short tails. These characteristics can help you recognize if your dog is purebred.

Do French Bulldogs Cost Less Without Papers?

French Bulldogs cost less without papers because they might not be purebred. The papers will help prove whether the dog comes from a pure bloodline. So, it’s not recommended to purchase puppies from breeders if they don’t have all the necessary papers,

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