When Do French Bulldogs Sleep Through The Night? 4 Ways To Try

French Bulldogs are known for being lazy and having the tendency to sleep for very long hours. However, that is normal and healthy for them as they require much sleep to recharge the energy that they lose during the day. But, how many hours should they sleep, and when do they sleep through the night? 

When do French Bulldogs sleep through the night? French bulldogs sleep through the night without waking up when they’re provided with comfortable sleeping conditions. They can sleep for 7 hours on average at night, and during the day, they take a lot of naps. The average sleeping hours for Frenchies range from 10 to 14 hours per day.

Continue reading to know more about your French BUlldogs’ sleeping hours and how to establish a bedtime routine for your Frenchie.

When Do French Bulldogs Sleep Through The Night? 

a photo of a french bulldog sleeping to show when do french bulldogs sleep through the night

French Bulldogs sleep through the night when they’re provided with comfortable sleeping conditions. They can sleep for approximately 7 hours without waking up. When it comes to the day, they tend to sleep a lot of naps until it counts another 7 hours.

You may wonder if it’s healthy for them to sleep 7 hours at night and another 7 hours during the day, but French Bulldogs normally sleep a lot. Their average sleeping hours range from 12 to 14 hours per day.

How Many Hours Of Sleep Do French Bulldogs Need? 

The older your French Bulldog is, the fewer hours of sleep it consumes. Check the following table to learn how many hours of sleep French Bulldogs need at different ages.

French Bulldog Puppies
(8 weeks to 3 months)
15-20 hours per day 
French Bulldog Adults
(older than 3 months)
10-14 hours per day

As a responsible owner, you need to make sure that your dog sleeps the number of hours it needs each day; otherwise, it will affect its health.

What Are The Factors That Affect French Bulldogs’ Sleeping Hours?

The French Bulldog’s age is not the only factor that affects the number of hours they sleep. We’ll discuss other factors in more detail.


If your French Bulldog is super active, it will need to nap a lot to recharge its lost ; however, if your Frenchie is lazy, it will not nap a lot.

Not sleeping a lot may lead to unwanted behaviors because it will get bored while being awake.

Environmental Changes

Any changes in the environment can affect your Frenchie. Moving to a new home, having a newborn, changes in the owner’s schedule, etc.

These changes can cause stress to your dog, which leads it to sleep much less. Frenchies with separation anxiety also sleep for a few hours.


Some health issues can be the reason behind your French Bulldog’s sleeping habits. Here are 4 common causes of excessive sleeping in French Bulldogs:

  1. Canine Depression
  2. Hormonal Imbalances
  3. Hypothyroidism
  4. Sleep Apnea Due to Obesity

How To Establish A Bedtime Routine For Your French Bulldog? 

Creating a Comfortable Crate Space for Your Puppy

Some Frenchie find it very stressful to stay in an exposed wire crate, they get nervous when they see a lot of stuff happening around them, so they can’t sleep deeply.

In this case, it is better to cover a part of the crate to provide more sense of comfort and security. It also helps them so much to relax and fall deep into sleep.

Crate-training your Frenchie 

If you don’t like your Frenchie to sleep anywhere at your home, then you must train it to stay and sleep in the crate. The crate is like your dog’s mini home; they can eat, take a nap, or sleep inside it. 

You have to transfer this feeling to your Frenchie to make it love the crate and not avoid it because of being scared or stressed while being inside it.

Here are simple steps to crate-train your French Bulldog:

  1. Put some treats and toys inside the crate, and let your Frenchie enter it while you are standing next to the crate
  2. Play with your Frenchie for a few minutes, and do this every day
  3. Once your Frenchie gets used to the crate, start closing the door while sitting next to it
  4. A few minutes later, open the door and play with your dog
  5. After your dog gets used to the door closed, leave it for a few minutes and come back, then reward it with some treats. 
  6.  Increase the minutes of leaving it alone in the crate gradually until it gets used to it
  7. Gradually, you can notice that your Frenchie is getting used to being in the crate.
  8. Add some comfortable layers to the crate to make it comfortable and relaxing for your dog to sleep on 
  9. When it’s time to sleep, put the crate beside your bed, let your dog enters it and sit beside it until it falls asleep
  10. Gradually, you can leave your Frenchie alone while sleeping in the crate, and it will recognize that this is its bed.

Get them Exhausted

Creating a suitable environment for your Frenchie to sleep is something that will take its sleeping to another level.

If your French Bulldog is hyperactive or you need to make it sleep, but it doesn’t want to, you have to make it tired and exhausted to fall asleep. You can do this by playing with it before sleeping, games like fetching, for example. You can also take it for a walk or do any exercises together; once it gets tired, it will fall asleep very quickly.

If your French Bulldog is lazy or already tired, the best thing to do is cuddle with it, offer it a relaxing massage, play soft music, or use scented candles for more relaxing vibes.

Last Potty Break of the Day 

Before your Frenchie goes to sleep, make sure that the last potty break of the day is done. That will make it sleep more relaxing, and it will not wake up in the middle of the night.

The Security Blanket Or Comforting Toy 

Does your French Bulldog have a favorite toy and like to sit on comfy blankets? If yes, you can make it fall deeply asleep by using a soft and comfy security blanket to sleep inside. This blanket gives your dog the feeling of being safe and relaxed inside it.

Also, leave its favorite toy beside it. It will play and nibble it a little for a few minutes; then, you will find it tired of playing and falling asleep.

What To Do If Your French Bulldog Cries At Night?

To solve the problem of your French Bulldog’s continuous crying during the night, you should first know the reason behind that action.

Frenchie puppies are more prone to crying at night because they suffer from separation anxiety. Being taken away from their mom and siblings can affect your Frenchie a lot. Also, you have to know that you are the world to your Frenchie, so it may be crying because you are not around.

As French Bulldogs get older, there are many health conditions that they are prone to develop. If they get affected by these health issues, their sleep will get disturbed, which will make them restless and annoyed, so they will cry.

The solution to this problem is as the following:

  • Provide your dog with a comfortable bed
  • Let your dog sleep next to you from time to time
  • Distract it by giving it some treats or toys
  • Make sure that your Frenchie is not hungry or thirsty before bed

Where Should Your Frenchie Sleep At Night? 

The best place that your Frenchie should sleep at night is the crate. The crate is considered the most comfortable bed for your Frenchie if you make it comfortable by adding soft blankets and leaving some toys inside it.

Many owners get annoyed by their dogs when they sleep on them or next to them on their beds. Especially French bulldog owners since Frenchies tend to snore a lot or toss restlessly during their sleep.

4 Ways Calm French Bulldogs Down and Get them Sleepy

There are 4 ways to calm your French Bulldog down and help it to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment to fall into a deep sleep.

  1. Provide a comfortable bed
  2. Pick the best sleeping spot
  3. Get ready to sleep.
  4. Use verbal commands

Provide a Comfortable Bed

The comfier the bed is, the deeper your Frenchie will sleep. Choosing a suitable size of the bed according to the age and size of your French Bulldog is a must. You can’t pick a bed smaller than your dog’s as it will make your Frenchie uncomfortable.

Another trick you can use for making the bed more appealing is to add many soft blankets to it, so it can be comfier for your Frenchie to fall asleep on it.

The bed my Frenchies love the most is the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed with Orthopedic Memory Foam, they spend most of their days on it, actually. It’s super comfy, it’s very easy to clean, and the quality of it for its affordable price is unmatched, really.

Pick the Best Sleeping Spot

French Bulldogs love sleeping near their owners. Let your Frenchie’s bed be located inside your room near to your bed, so they can feel secure and safe around you.

Once you choose the spot of your Frenchie’s bed, try not to move it anywhere else. Moving it will make your Frenchie feel unsafe and scared.

Get Ready to Sleep

If you stick to doing a certain routine before making your Frenchie sleep, it will make your dog expect what is going to happen next. 

For example, at night, you take your dog for a short walk, take it for a potty break, enter the home, and turning off the lights, then go to sleep.

If you stick to this routine, your dog will recognize that the sleeping time is about to start once you enter your home after exercising.

Use Verbal Commands

Before it is time to sleep, tell your Frenchie a direct command to go to their bed. Don’t forget to reward it whenever it obeys you, as it will create a positive association with going to bed.

Do this every night until your French Bulldog gets used to it and knows that this is the night routine.

Related Questions 

Do Frenchies Sleep With Their Eyes Open? 

Frenchie sometimes sleeps with their eyes open, and that is a common act among French bulldogs. They tend to do this as a defense mechanism to keep them safe from any predators. Even if there are no predators around, it’s just a part of their natural instincts.

Where Should My Puppy Sleep At Night Time? 

Your puppy should sleep in the crate at nighttime, or if you have a special bed for it, then it will be great too. However, keep in mind that making your puppy sleep with you in the same bed is a behavior that is very hard to change in the long run.

How Much Do Puppies Sleep At 8 Weeks?

Puppies sleep from 18 to 20 hours per day at the age of 8 weeks, according to AKC. That is normal as the younger your dog is, the more sleeping hours it needs. Make sure that you don’t wake your puppy and leave it to take the suitable amount of sleep that it needs, as it is good for its health.

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