Why Can Bulldogs Skateboard So Well (and How to Train Them)

Bulldogs, as you undoubtedly know, aren’t the most energetic of pets. Despite this, kids require daily activity and mental stimulation. The capacity of English Bulldogs to skateboard is by far the most fascinating feature about them, 

but why can bulldogs skateboard? Bulldogs can Skateboard as Skateboarding isn’t too physically demanding for dogs. In addition, a bulldog’s tiny stature, somewhat hefty body, and low center of gravity make it easy for them to balance on a skateboard.

Continue reading this article to know why can Bulldogs skateboard and how to train your bulldog to become a skateboarding expert.

Why Can Bulldogs Skateboard? 

english bulldog on a skateboard to show why can bulldogs skateboard so well

Bulldogs are short and stocky dogs that weigh between 40 and 50 pounds. Their bodies are muscular, and their centers of gravity are low.

This low center of gravity has its pros and cons, so while it can make activities like going up and down the stairs difficult for bulldogs, it can make things like skating quite easy as they can stay balanced better than a taller dog ever could.

When you put a Bulldog on skateboards, its low center of gravity makes it that much easier for them to maintain their balance.

Bulldogs also like receiving human attention. When a Bulldog gets on a skateboard and starts rolling, the people around him will typically pay attention to him positively.

This will be fun for the Bulldog, and it will act as good reinforcement for him to keep riding his skateboard whenever he’s among other people.

Bulldogs aren’t big on exercise, but they do love being outside on a skateboard; while a dog is sliding down a hill on a skateboard, he can take in more of his environment in a short amount of time without having to use his legs.

On skateboards, English Bulldogs are the most common breed.

Can all English Bulldogs Skateboard?

Skateboarding is not for everyone, and there are always hazards associated. If your Bulldog just climbs on a skateboard and rides about joyfully, he most likely has a natural skill.

Bulldogs are naturally good at skateboarding and actually love it because their physique appears to be made for it. They have unique frames that help them to balance efficiently on skateboards and regulate their weight while doing so, with broad shoulders and a low stance.

Because bulldogs thrive on attention and are self-assured, the glances and applause they get encourage them to stretch their muscles! Seeing your bulldog on a skateboard can make you proud if you continue to provide good reinforcement.

How to know if your Bulldog can Skateboard? 

Not all English Bulldogs are eager or capable of learning to ride a skateboard. It’s critical that you respect your dog’s inherent skills, as well as his or her personal health. Regardless matter how much you’d like him to ride, 

you’ll need to take it gently and consider whether this is something your dog truly wants to do. You can proceed if it appears to be the appropriate thing to do once you’ve found that out.

How to Train Your Bulldog to Skateboard? A detailed Step-by-Step Guide 

  1. Selection of Skateboards

When riding a skateboard, dogs, like any other athlete, might get harmed, so make sure you have the right board. The ideal skateboard for dogs is a flat skateboard with no flip at the end, since the board will not flip up as much when your dog walks on it.

  1. Getting Your Dog Used to Skateboarding

One of the first and most important steps in teaching a Bulldog to skateboard is to get him used to the board. The best way to do this is to lay the board on a nice blanket in your pet’s living room. This will keep the board from rolling and allow your pet to step or even sit on it.

You may speed up the procedure by enticing your dog to the board with a treat and instructing him to “up.” Praise him when his paws touch the board, and especially if he climbs up the board to earn the prize. You want your dog to associate the board with good things when he comes into contact with it.

  1. Taking it to the grass

If your dog appears to be at ease touching or climbing on the board, it’s time to go to the next level. Use the same incentive and “up” command to teach your dog to place his paw on the skateboard outside on the grass. Go slowly at this stage since your dog will be startled by the action.

  1. Then there’s the Pavement.

Avoid uneven surfaces and wait until your dog looks to be totally happy working on grass before moving to pavement training. 

This is the time of training when your dog is most likely to get harmed, so keep an eye on him in case he needs help.

You’ll be able to determine if your pet is destined to become a full-fledged skateboarder at this point. If he likes the activity, he may naturally board for a short ride.

 Keep the training session enjoyable and energetic by lavishing praise on him.

  1. Always offer kudos

Praise him for every small victory. This makes it clear what you anticipate from him. You may gradually increase the distance he pushes the board by keeping the treat just out of reach and driving him to move forward farther.

  1. Make Your Dog’s Training Unique

It’s vital to keep in mind that no single training approach will be effective for all dogs.

As you work with your dog, pay attention to what works for you, and if you get stopped at a specific point, look for different ways to train your dog.

If you make the entire procedure fun and gratifying for your dog, he will be more likely to learn to ride. If your bulldog loves attention, as most bulldogs do, their training will not be that difficult. You can learn more about how to deal with a needy bulldog here.

Safety Tips for Skateboarding Bulldogs 

To ensure that your Bulldog is exercising and having a good time without any consequences, you have to pay attention to the following:

Your Bulldog’s health status

Skateboarding may be harmful to Bulldogs who have significant health or physical issues. Even if your friend is in great shape, there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to ride a skateboard. It’s not true that just because some English Bulldogs can skateboard, that they all can.

Normally, every healthy Bulldog should have any problem trying this activity. However, it will always take some time, work, and training to teach your dog how to ride a skateboard. Here are some factors that may limit his ability to safely participate in this sport.

Your Bulldog’s Shape

English Bulldogs are not particularly athletic or active companions. To ride a skateboard, your dog should be in quite an excellent shape. Obese dogs are more prone to overexert themselves or become overheated. As a result, placing them on a diet will make teaching them how to love skating much easier!

Your Bulldog’s joints health

Skateboarding isn’t a particularly strenuous activity, but it does have an effect on your dog’s joints. Bulldogs with hip/elbow dysplasia, joint or ligament issues, for example, should not skateboard. Avoid injuries by participating in “joint-friendly” activities such as walking, swimming, or using underwater treadmills.

Your Bulldog’s age

It’s possible that puppies or elderly English Bulldogs are too delicate to ride a skateboard. When it comes to dog sports, you should always wait until your dog is completely mature.

In general, your bulldog will be ready to start training to skateboard when he’s 18 months old! After the age of 7 or 8, senior Bulldogs are more prone to harm or injure themselves when skateboarding.

Your Bulldog’s Desire to skateboard

Starting new activities with your English Bulldog might be challenging. It will be tough to persuade him to start skating as a lazy buddy. It’s sometimes preferable not to make your Bulldog do anything he doesn’t want to do.

Vet’s Approval

Skateboarding isn’t a sport that needs a lot of physical ability.

Every Bulldog who isn’t suffering from significant health or structural issues should be allowed to skateboard. However, before engaging in this activity with your pal, it’s usually a good idea to see your veterinarian. 

The Best Skateboards for Bulldogs

Here are my top picks that you can get right off Amazon with affordable prices:

Beleev Skateboards for Beginners, 31 Inch Complete Skateboard 

at an affordable price, the Complete skateboard comes:

  • fully assembled, ready to ride out of the box so you don’t spend time assembling it.
  • 31inch length and 8.0-inch wide offering plenty of room for your dog
  • 10 mm thick and composed of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood, strong and durable to withstand up to 220 pounds. 
  • Suitable for all-level riders, so whether your dog is a beginner or a pro, it suits him.
  • waterproof emery non-slip grip tape for a safer ride for your dog.

Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard 

  • It’s super portable so you won’t have any trouble transporting it.
  • Its dimensions are 27.5″ long, 7.5″ wide, and 18.5″ wide, making it suitable for most, if not all, bulldogs.
  • the deck is very strong and durable
  • very affordable for its quality

Beleev Skateboards for Beginners

  • The complete skateboard comes fully assembled, ready to ride out of the box and hit the streets, saving you a lot of time
  • dimensions of: 31inch length and 8.0 inches wide, make this board a blast to ride with plenty of room for your bulldog.
  • Weighs only 4.7 pounds, so your bulldog can easily ride, control it and you can carry it around.
  • strong and durable to withstand riders up to 220 pounds. 
  • It’s equipped with 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks, making them reliable and sturdy, safe for beginners
  • waterproof and non-slip, great for beginners

Related Questions 

Can French Bulldogs skateboard? 

French Bulldogs can skateboard; in fact, any dog with a low gravity center and a similar posture to a bulldog can ride a skateboard with proper training, the most common breed to skateboard though is the English Bulldog.

Is the dog on the Churchill advert real? 

The dog on the Churchill advert is real, yet the company stated that the advertisement is computer-generated, so the English Bulldog is real yet Engine and Untold Studios stated that the ad is a reimagination of “Churchie” in CGI form gliding on a skateboard.

Why do some dogs like to skateboard?

Dogs like to skateboard as they love the attention they get, it isn’t a physically demanding type of exercise, they get to explore and take in their surroundings in a fast pace way, and by nature, dogs enjoy being outside.

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