Why Does Your Bulldog Lick the Air? 6 Causes and Their Solutions

If you notice that your Bulldog is licking the air as if he’s imagining flies and want to catch them, you don’t need to worry. All dogs lick the air; it’s part of their nature. 

However, as a responsible pet parent, it’s important to understand the reason behind your dog’s behavior.

So, why does your Bulldog lick the air? Bulldogs Lick the air because they’re feeling anxious or bored. They could also lick the air because of teething, nausea, allergies, or there’s something stuck in their teeth. It’s normal for bulldogs to lick the air and is usually not an indication of anything serious and you can ignore it.

Keep reading to learn more about the reasons why Bulldogs lick the air and when to be worried about their behavior.

Why Does Your Bulldog Lick The Air? 

a photo of a bulldog sticking its tongue out to show why does a bulldog lick the air

There are so many reasons why your Bulldog is licking the air. Some of these reasons are normal, while the others aren’t.

So, let’s break down the common reasons why Bulldogs lick the air to help you tell if it’s a normal habit or if you will need to visit a veterinarian for treatment.

Stress or anxiety 

Bulldogs, unfortunately, are prone to suffer from anxiety and stress as humans do.

As a reaction to anxiety and stress, they tend to lick the air. When your Bulldog does that, try to get it to calm down by talking to it quietly and comforting it.

Reducing the dog’s anxiety will help reduce their tendency to lick the air. However, if you don’t manage the dog’s anxiety, its tendency to lick the air will start to become compulsive. The problem might also escalate as the dog will show various other odd behaviors.

 I suggest you consult with a veterinarian to determine the best way you can deal with your dog’s anxiety to prevent its behavior from getting worse. 

Object Stuck in Their Teeth

When we get something in our teeth, we try to use our tongue to get it out.

Bulldogs may look like they’re licking the air when, in fact, they are trying to remove an object that’s stuck in their teeth.

If your Bulldog was chewing and suddenly stopped to lick the air, try to check his mouth and remove the stuck object. 

Skin allergy 

Bulldogs are prone to many allergies that cause their skin to become irritated and itchy. You can learn more about other skin problems Bulldogs suffer from here.

This creates a lot of discomfort for the dog, especially if the itching area is an area that’s difficult to reach. So, bulldogs might attempt to lick the air trying to mentally scratch this itch.


Bulldogs get bored easily, and once you stop giving them attention, they will start acting out. 

So, as a way of coping with boredom, they might start licking the air. In this case, you can just take them for a walk or distract them from licking the air. 


Bulldogs are prone to develop some health issues that’ll cause them to feel nauseous, but one of the main causes is eating too quickly.

When they eat quickly, they will inhale more air, which will cause them to get nausea. As a result of this nausea, they might start licking the air until they vomit.

In this case, you need to help your dog slow down while eating to prevent any problems.


Bulldogs start teething at 3 weeks of age, so you’ll probably notice their air licking tendencies starting around that time.

Teething is an extremely uncomfortable and painful process for Bulldogs, so they’ll try to lick their teeth more often to reduce the pressure in their mouth, which will lead to them licking the air as well.

Is It Normal for Bulldogs to Lick the Air? 

It is normal for Bulldogs to lick the air as long as you know the reason behind their behavior. 

Upon reviewing the previously listed reasons, you will notice that their behavior is justified, and they are not harming themselves by doing that.

Make sure to monitor your dog’s behavior all the time to make sure that they’re not harming themselves or becoming too obsessive.

When to Be Worried About Your Bulldog Licking the Air?

As mentioned before, Bulldogs liking the air is considered normal behavior for them. But when should you start worrying about this kind of behavior? 

Basically, you should start worrying about your Bulldog licking the air when their behavior starts to become compulsive or obsessive, as this is usually a sign of extreme anxiety in the dog, and you will need to take it to the vet for treatment.

You should also worry if you cannot seem to identify the reason why your Bulldog is licking the air. If the dog suddenly develops this behavior out of nowhere, it’s a good idea to take it to the vet for a checkup, as it could be caused by an underlying medical condition.

Related Questions 

Why Is My Dog licking the Air And Gulping?

Your dog is licking the air and gulping mainly because it’s feeling nauseous or because there’s something stuck in its throat, and it’s trying to get it out. You need to help your dog to release what’s inside it by making it vomit.

Why Does My Dog Lick the Air When I Pet It?

Your dog licks the air when you pet it because it’s feeling excited and happy about getting affection from you. Dogs express their feelings in various ways, and licking you or licking the air is just one of the ways.

Why Does My Dog Lick the Air Nonstop?

Your dog is licking the air nonstop because it’s extremely anxious or stressed. When dogs are extremely anxious, they tend to display odd behaviors as a way of coping, and sometimes these behaviors escalate to become compulsive and obsessive.

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Licking the Air?

You can get your dog to stop licking the air by identifying what’s causing its behavior first, then eliminating that cause. So, if the dog is stressed or bored, make sure to distract it. Meanwhile, if it has nausea or is teething, it’s best to take t to a vet for treatment.

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